the strange ways of firstborn


should i re-title the header as

the very strange ways of firstborn


the very very strange ways of firstborn


seven children get off the van. he is the only one getting out of his school van with his eyes tightly shut.

“ma. i am waiting to bang into something before i open my eyes,” he says.

and promptly walks into the door.

and then opens his eyes and grins.





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  1. And that smile did not explain it all?

    The dark, the sound, the touch, the suspense and then bang -the bump and the predictable fulfillment!

    It is the classical 5 act narrative, played out in record time. I love it.

  2. I walk backwards all the time.. sometimes try to run backwards too… almost always walk like the knight (horse) in chess (2.5 steps)when the floor is tiled. I think my gals will soon start blogging about their mom’s “strange ways”.. as you call it! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • hey i do the knight when the floor is tiled (in temples also)

      your gals will have a LOT to say… they’ll have 10 blogs worth of content

      and Mu Man: he should have 1000 words each day on his wife… how come he hasnt started yet

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