falls into the dud movies that i shouldnt comment on since i really didnt watch the whole movie, but i want to comment in any case.

the one i saw about 18 minutes worth off… . the movie’s rightful name should be booby considering the cleavage .

dimple kapadia wears horrendous wigs… one of it looked ditto like my kitchen barthan, which i make aloo fry in.

i know it was 1973. but still.





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      • its a very practical movie…. probably a Malaysian thing that Malaysians are more into practical life rather than running around trees or not dying even when thousands of shattered glass are shot towards you… ahaha…

        yup yup… rotting my life away in UK… wat about u… which end of the world are u in now?

  1. You have hit where it hurts the most. I was born to parents who came from a community where they would call their 82 year old neighbour baby aunty, or 75 year old uncle, babbu mama, so I was given a three syllable name and NO PET NAME incase i was called bubbles massi at age 75. So I grew up feeling very very deprived with only one three syllable name and not two names. So I named myself. My name was Surabhi. My per name was Dimple Kapadia Sharma because of those impossibly long legs, those knotted blouses, that cleft, and those deep eyes, and ofcourse the charm.

    You mock Bobby? that means you mock dimple kapadia sharma.

    I am devastated.

  2. Finally! Someone who thinks Bobby wasn’t all that! I was deemed too young to see it when it first came out, so only saw it in the 90s I think – and having never been a big fan of desi-style sappy romances (I actually found myself irritated most of the way through DDLJ, so sue me!), was very bored by the movie.

    VTV – sorta same sappy category (MAKE UP your mind, lady! :)), but loved the songs and the saris, so that made up for it a bit. Also more realistic in my book.

  3. I see a book, a fabulous book of MiM and Sur.
    I love you, Dimple Kapadia Sharma:)
    I never managed to see Bobby/Booby when it was released. By the time I did watch it, I was too old to fall in love with it:(

  4. Sur, I don’t know you IRL obviously, but used to read your blog when it was public, and you like Bangalore – so OK, for your sake, will downgrade my dislike of Bobby to mere indifference 🙂 Will that do? And What Dipali said about being too old to fall in love woth Bobby – so, so true – and I think that applies to many other 70s hits that I saw only in the 90s…I know the risk of being blackballed, but will confess to finding even Sholay overblown and somewhat boring 🙂

    FWIW, I still think Dimple is a good actress, but she needs meaningful roles – She is very good at playing an adult, IMO.

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