It’s the little things… (1)


and i fall in lou.

cow’s milk. non-pasteurised. in a plastic cover. shakily sealed with a rubber band. and delivered daily.


I love it because i now collect fresh cream and turn it into butter..

and home-made butter appeals to my inner outer chaotic clumsy self. there’s so much mess. from the churning, from the spills, from the greasiness. oooh. and there’s delicious smelling ghee to show for it.




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  1. sent me to my mom’s house in Baroda where ma used to buy fresh buffalo milk (there buffaloes are more popular in Gujarat) and then take out the thick rich cream, put in the freezer, collect the lot and then make butter out of it..which we used to beg her to give us a bit and then make ghee whose aroma would spread all through the house…

    There, mim, you made me sentimental now!

  2. I opted for buffalo milk two years back when i tried to make rabdi out of the cow milk from the dairy and realised that two litres yielded barely one bowl of thick rabdi. Basically we ere feeding the kid calcium enriched water.

    Now the ghee, the curd, the lassi and the rabdi are deeply satisfying. The churning to make butter always ends tragically. Clearly I have not cracked this code.

    • *rushes to find advanced-in-wisdom-hat*


      1. the cream must set into curd. let its time: 24 hours. this is what, i assume, Betty got when she bought bitter butter; not to worry, that quick-thinking gal that she was: she bought better butter and remedied the aforementioned bitterness
      2. use ice. (if you are churning in a mixie/processor add a lot of ice)

  3. You have the patience MIM.. I have pataofied a neighbour who gives me a BIG bottle of home made ghee every month … and I stick to my GoodDay milk…see no spills

  4. MiM please explain the rationale behind this. My mom used to do this home made butter thing too and I always thought what a waste of time.
    To each her own I guess – the husband wants to know why I want to sew a skirt when I can get one from the store. And I don’t get his ps3 gaming…

  5. Amma does this all the time ,and nothing like it..But I cant work that hard..and you know what?I get to eat home made cream/ butter/ ghee in just about a month…yeah going home for 2 months ( kaathula pogai varutha?..enakkaga aamamnu oru poi sollideenga plsssss

    • didnt you drink milk in “maaadi” tumblers. that explains the exam-crackingness. 7 years of packet paal hasnt undone what the cow did

  6. Took me back to Gummidipoondi where the Milkman on the Motorcycle delivered fresh cow’s milk.
    I made lots of ghee, far more than we could consume, so I’d be giving some away.
    The Kolkata milkman gave me horrible, watery stuff, so I’m now happily using double toned homogenised stuff, which does set into awesome curd.

    • omg. you gave away homemade ghee? i grudgingly pour tiny spoonsful for firstborn and baby param. the mmmim is allowed to only smell.

      • We are oldies now who should also only smell the ghee! My stock of homemade ghee lasted me at least a couple of years since we moved to Kolkata. I did feel sad when I bought ghee after years!

  7. I’ve started making homemade butter and ghee too! The taste is worth all the hassle – driving 20 miles once a week to get raw milk, collecting the cream from every batch of thayir that is made and then finally churning it to get that chunk of butter..

    A friend just told me about the different blade you use in the mixie – I’ve been doing it by hand with my wood ‘maththu’!

  8. i would say even the aroma is totally worth a 20 * 2 = 40 mile drive.
    there are some ppl who shake a bottle
    but i use a food processor… you can try that. am sure you have one with all the massive baking you are doing

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