it’s the little things… (2)

  • …a friend permanently removed a ghastly shell-chandelier from her hall that has been an eyesore, bothering me for over 3 years and seven hours. ah. sweet relief.


  • … i see a pun. I love Malaysia. But these chaps arent passionately into wordplay gimmicks: even in newspapers: I am not poked by clever ads and cleverer headlines.

When I saw a shop with this “if your clock doesnt tick… tock to us.” I cried with happiness.

  • The Malaysian PM, 58 years old, has a sense of fun.  I just saw what he’s been upto last week: He attended a young-gen concert. He took pictures to post on twitter.

He participated in a popular radio talk show “gotcha” and asked for a job for his son as a DJ.

He’s going cycling in Penang to raise money for charity. He may have had 217378 followers on twitter. But you know what, today that increased to 217379 followers.



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  1. Delightful blog! Had me Los (laughing out silently – courtesy my baby sleeping right next to me). Looking forward to your next post

    Me not a blogger so perhaps not scary, (read that somewhere in ur earlier posts – yup I read almost all of them!). would be great to exchange notes on email if I haven’t managed to set ur alarm antennae ringing I.e.!) I

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