homemade superhero


dinner is when my temper is the shortest and the kids are at the whiniest. and that’s how i created this superhero.

His name: Meesai Murali

His claim to fame: His moustache (and as he twirls his powers sorta increase) and when they don’t increase. he has plan B: he rushes to Kumbakonam to drink degree kaapi ( and with every noisy slurp from the tumbler his powers grow )

His mode of transport: auto

What I liked about creating a homespun version is that the traditional/ disney superheros are ROYALLY thrashed : Meesai Murali can be more daft than Mr. Bean,;

he chips in when Spiderman runs out webs (once the three people had a race: a spider, spiderman and Meesai Murali and guess who finished first?  it was the spider. Meesai Murali came second because his auto is rather fast, spiderman owing to web-shortage had to sit behind in Meesai Murali’s auto in the race and he finished third)


he cleaned the Lightning Mcqueen car  (which was dirty because of baby vomit, baby poop, ompodi, peanut shells, raisins, and tissue paper). for cleaning cars he uses the rag which he only uses for shining his auto.

like the homemade butter, the homemade superhero is working v. well. the kids are in splits:-)


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  1. I hope Meesai Murali does not wear leotards.
    You have to describe a supre hero’s costume. And does have a double life?
    You think creating a character for your kids is all you have to do, there are avid blog followers who will want to know more.

    Surely you were prepared for that…

  2. Surabhi, Meesai Murali has his Khaki lungi folded up and his Red knicker sticking out , to keep it in the same lines as the other MARVEL super heroes

    Surabhi , I am your avid comment follower ..

  3. You should do a series on this Meesai Murali… When my kid was very very young and he and the neighbour’s kid didn’t eat tomatoes, I made up Mr. Lycopene. But most of the stories were centred around my kid brother (who is 12 years younger). Now every time he advises his nephew, he comes up with, ‘But Amma said when you were small…” Well 🙂

  4. TBD :

    1) Every super hero needs an enemy. We need to find one nearly as awesome as our Meesai.

    2) Khaki lungi and red knickers – hmm. khaki may not be the color we are looking for. Also, we need big four-petal flower type prints on the lungi. Khaki might not be suitable for that purpose.

    3) Meesai Murali should have that “weak spot” a superhero must have – the one that would nearly undo him – may be his auto has a running meter installed and he doesn’t ask for “extra”?

    4) His one big secret – he used to secretly secretly steal red color nail polish from his sister and paint his thumb red in his childhood(And THAT is why he has his thumb neatly tucked in his palm – it’s a habit- not because he is always looking for a fight)

  5. sab- the reason for the khaki , I assumed it was the preferred color/uniform for our chennai autokarans..you can use your artistic license to change color ..

        • @Sue :

          so this is what (I think) happens when Rajni meets Meesai.

          Possibility 1:

          Act 1, Scene 1: Rajni meeting Meesai. Pan shots. Dialogue delivery starts.

          Rajni : “Curd…rasam…Kaara kozhambu…saambhaar”

          Meesai : “Kaapi..pappu mammu..kaapi..son papdi..”

          Rajni : “Daaaiiii! paapad! tomato soup-one by two”

          Meesai : “Poda! Rava dosai… 0.25 litre bournvita milk…”

          Necessary info:

          {“So what happens when a wand meets its brother?”, asked Sirius.

          “They will not work properly against each other. If, however, the owners force the wands to work against each other, a very rare effect will take place. One of the wands will force the other to regurgitate the spells it performed in reverse order”}

          Explanation : So when Meesai meets Rajni, It’s like brothers meeting each other. They can’t fight well. If however they want to, a very weird thing happens. They start shouting the names of food items consumed, in reverse order of consumption.

          Possibility 2 :

          “Baashaa” Rajni Meets Meesai the AutoMan. Baasha wants an auto race. Meesai’s auto has broken down.

          Meesai: “Oh, you. You just couldn’t let me go, could you? This is what happens when an unstoppable auto-rickshaw wants to street race with an immovable auto-rickshaw. You are truly incorruptible, aren’t you? Huh? Your auto won’t overtake mine out of some misplaced sense of self-righteousness. And I won’t move my auto because IT’s MY FATHER’S ROAD. I think you and I are destined to do this forever.”

          Rajni : “You’ll be stuck in that PWD hole forever if you keep being this immovable object and all..”

          Meesai : “May be we can share this hole. The way petrol prices are rising, i doubt if you’d be able to race for that long anyway”

          (with due apologies to The Joker and C. Nolan)

    • I was wondering too… he would have the Thalaivar’s pic in his auto (the more famous Autokaran) and seek his advice whenever caught in emotional/ moral/ ethical struggle… what say?

  6. MiM, you trail a twirly line ( Meesai Murali’s basic character sketch) and shut your computer and rest peacefully while we, the avid blog followers, have his knickers twisted around so many important aesthetic choices.
    And we need the villian. and he weak spot, we know why he wears red nail polish, but why does he not trim the nail on his little finger, why has that been allowed to grow long and somewhat twirly like his moustache???

    And why does he get goggle eyed when his auto passes that lovely jasmine selling mami outside the temple?

    MiM just because you are a couple of hours ahead of us DOES NOT mean that you can sleep. A super hero ( and his readers) need attention.

  7. only one question – is the food going in faster than Meesai Murali’s auto?
    if so, please copyright, make this a comic strip, and I’ll buy the whole lot. times two.

  8. rofl!
    For Halloween, I was gonna dress up my baby as a superhero – “Diaper-man”.
    He helps harried moms with diaper changes at night and kids through potty training. And his USP is that both evil corporations (huggies, pampers) and hippie moms (cloth diaper walas) both love him the same. To avoid confusion of undie over or under pants, he never wears pants – diapers only.
    Can my diaper man pls pls be introduced to meesai murali?

  9. As always, MiM you are a superstar. along with Her Sur-ness. What would we do w/o you two?!

    (Sur, I owe you that pic, will mail today, pakka promise).

  10. Wow terrific blog comments…Bows to all commenters..
    We have the likes of Meesai Murali down this road called as Kala Watchman…but he is more of a villain than a superhero..
    no wonder the food doesn’t go down as fast..hmmm…

  11. I take it the kids’ mother, in twirling Meesai Murali tales, has forgotten her short temper? 🙂 Note: Twirling, not spinning, because one does not a meesai spin. One does a meesai twirl Although – um, I guess one spins a tale. One doesnt twirl a tale. Does one twirl a tail, though? *goes off with her head in a spin. Or possibly a twirl*

  12. Is Meesai Murali related to kumbhakaran by any chance? This has been a rather long nap, in the meantime a lot of avid blog followers have spun many tales, and twirled many tails.

    apologies to shammishyam for shamelessly borrowing from her tryst with the twirl and the tale, a spin and a spade (?) forgive me, it rhymed, though rather poorly, so i brought in the spade.

  13. MIM- this is unfair even to your superhero… Meesai Murali is waiting in his striped underpants – quick, choose from Khaki/ checked/ floral lungi …

    He also needs a punchline…

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