regular interruptions…


…will continue after this blip in programming.


was inundated with this meh-feeling


1. baby param started school (which should have given me four hours off and more time to blog…)

2.  and am not troubled by separation anxiety ( which should have really given me four hours off)

3. deepavali is SO happening here in KL. i am reporting the news late. the excitement was on right at navarathri. (exactly how this is related to my non-blogging, i dont know. )

4. i looked at a choc burfi (never met a choc burfi that i didnt want to get to know intimately. this time i only looked. )

5. i have a waist (for the first time 20 years) (could it be because of 4?)

6. my blankness shed its boundaries this afternoon. (@smartassbride: who has mugged 5000o  journals/books and all its contents. stop reading now)

i dont know if it was general vagueness or pinpoint vagueness or nonspecific vagueness.

at this carnival, this babe asked me who my fav actor was.

I said Surya. (wrong. to be precise. and i am precise only in DAMN HINDSIGHT. i like Jeyam Ravi).

well this babe said there’s a prize if i name a surya movie.

further escalation of aforementioned empty memory syndrome. and i only gaped.

I looked at the mmmim ( who is inconveniently, as always, standing 10 feet away ) and he loudly shouted “kaaka kaaka”.

(so now most of Kuala Lumpur knows that the slimmish woman( note how i keep emphasising point number 5) in the yellow chudidar and long hair cant name a surya movie without prompting. (and now the blogworld knows it BECAUSE I BLOODY KEYED IT IN HERE MYSELF)

and so  i repeated kaaka kaaka to the babe in the carnival. and won a prize. and firstborn was in heaven at his ma’s superior prize-winning skills.

@aneela, @Mgm, @neelum: thanks for the pokes



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  1. And you lose weight in those four hours, how? I would imagine that flopping onto a couch and chomping on junk should pile on the kilos, do you do reverse flips on the couch?

    meh-feelings- we understand.

    naming non favourite actor as favourite actor- we dont understand. there ARE boundaries to meh-feelings.

    • i am not that much into films (sur, do not look for your sharpest knife. detailed explanationfollows…)

      actors and such like are all lumped together in an amorphous batter. dont distinguish among them too much, unless i want to totally hate someone. so it takes time (rather two weeks advance notice) for me to choose one fav.

      actually, films dont reach my inner stratosphere. they dont touch me move me mould me. they only kinda meh me.

      • Na, no knives being sharpened. My own child has decided to follow your path with regard to film.

        But might i ask why poor meesai murali has been ignored after the enthusiastic egging on by your avid blog followers…

        • meesai murali needs no help from me… he is now out of my league. he’s in rajinikanth’s bracket. do i dare even comment on him?

  2. Yayayayy! Glad to hear about the ‘four’ hours of free we get more posts…like MGM says ‘mmmim is such a knight’ 🙂

    You are slim and have long hair *sigh* you must look like those lovely old movie heroines na

    • no no no. there’s still about seven to 10 kg separating slimmish from slim. please note.

      still its a long way from where i came from. so v. happy with slimmish

  3. pliss to share your point number 5 secrets…
    desperately in need in these parts of KL….esp. with Diwali parties in full swing.
    Hows Baby Param liking school?

    • v. surprised about point 5. having never possessed one such. but.
      . a few spongy gulab jamuns and point 5 may be a mirage.

      bp is ok… but more importantly i am doing fine.

      RS, i remember i was a mess like spilt dosa batter when fb was going to school… sheesh

  4. here is something to make you feel better.

    I had a rapid fire round(?) in my civil service interview. Out of the blue, one man asked me the Vice Prez’s name. I kept staring at him. and they at me. I came to my senses 30 seconds later and told him the answer.

    ps : if vijesh had been around, im sure he would have helped me by staring at the panel like i did. mmmim is a knight. truly.

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