email from the bff


the bff is a total nutjob.
climbing the himalayas with three 70 year olds.
writing requests for scholarships while cursing her superiors under her breath( ” give me the f****** money you supreme non-scientific idiot so I can get on wih my life..blah, blah BLAHHH”)

so when i wished her on her birthday, 10 days later she panics with this mail:

Anyways, I just realized I am the worst friend on the planet. I never
wished u on June 16 – Happy belated birthday meri janmo ki dost-

And why do you put up with me?

erm. my birthday was on june 13.


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  1. Lol! Lol!

    We are in the habit of calling and telling BFFs, ‘Hey you idot, today is my birthday/anniversary. Wish me. Otherwise you will remember a few days from now and feel bad.’

    PS: Usually I am ‘that’ idiot!

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