i wasnt exaggerating


… when i said my house looks like it was hit by a tidal wave.

the wave’s name is baby param.

and the wave’s mum is SO tired…


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    • i sent firstborn to brush his teeth…

      and i heard the loud sound of half the sink coming crashing down…
      while, my back was turned
      baby param went along with firstborn.
      that explains a lot of things… really.

    • wave’s mum wants to drown .

      the washbasin broke into 5,34,104.438 pieces…

      there’s inconvenient
      and darn inconvenient
      and damned inconvenient
      and dashed inconvenient
      today was all four.

      (since this is a U-blog i wont use R rated language)

      • On the days when one’s sanity is shredded into soggy vermicelli its best to hibernate rather than hyper ventilate … the kids must have been freaked out by both the incident and the mother’s reaction … they might want to hibernate too for a while.

        pretend its winter and you squirrel. by evening, all will be well, and it will be summer again.

        ( a good shouting makes my child and i sleep really well…)

  1. you may want to hit me, but the wash basin now actually looks like the fancy ones they show with ballet models prancing abt. in the loo. whats a little ceramic if it reveals designer genes?

    ps: it still looks functional(you may want to beat me up again) and it is, right?

  2. so artistically done. You need to understand the mechanics that went into it! (runs before MiM targets to tunr around and throw the expletives my way 😉 )

  3. I once climbed up a sink that came crashing down on the friend holding me up. She had to get stitches on her lip 😦
    I remember being very scared waiting for dad to get home.
    Hope BP wasnt scolded much.

  4. There is a beautiful little CBT book called “The Littlest Wave”. Something along the lines of the littlest wave needing TLC &/or appreciation which it eventually gets. Seems to like it’s the wave’s mum who needs a holiday from the waves. Unlike some others who have commented here, I totally feel your pain. (And will save my giggles until I’ve closed this tab. Heh.)

  5. aww…poor you! OK, for once, am completely on your side! Broken plumbing fixtures are one of my pet hates! My brother in his youf, was very accident prone, and has smashed two or maybe three washbasins. (I think the last casualty still lives on, glued together and leaking gently over everyone’s feet) and my kids have presented me with a broken toilet (opened the tank cover to see how the flush worked – the cover was one of those really heavy ceramic thingies, so naturally they dropped it – on the commode, which then broke in half) – I can so sympathise with the frustration….

  6. BP broke part of the sink, I climbed on ours while we resided in Chennai and obviously it fell to the floor and shattered. I escaped my mom’s ire because my grandparents were visiting. And they went “Kuzhandhai daane, avalukku yenna theriyum” It was the only time I saw my mom’s eyes go red in anger. So, I get why BP did it. It just so much fun to climb on things that mom asks not to climb onto. In his defense, it looks like an artistic, modern sink now. You can sell it on ebay for much moolah.

    • hey!!! i would have passed the giggle, or the rofl but the clutching stomach… ? ungallukey yenna paatha paavama illai?

  7. errr.. ummm… actually its ok… no . i mean .. i broke one looooong back… that was around 6 months back… and till date, i don’t know how it happened.. bad make is what i attribute it to.. not my fault.. and so, not your junior’s either.. *ducking under my desk*!

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