of dosas and holes


i have this friend from udupi. and at her home, i have eaten neer dosa, masala dosa, godhi dosa, uppu dosa, mixie dosa … sometimes all in the same morning. heh heh.

her idea of making fresh chutney is dashing off to climb a coconut tree and plucking a coconut. since she cant do that here in KL, she has resigned herself to breaking a coconut after the guests arrive and moving in fullspeedandgrating grindinggreenchilliestadka voila chutney!

she even told me of a dosa-related proverb in kannada” “ellara mane dosenu tute” (every Dosa has a hole… ) and which conveys the larger meaning that we humans are have the same stories of sorrow and happiness.

humbled. i tried to think of a related tamil saying (while chewing on my neer dosa).

but i only got as far as aasai dosai appalam vadai . which kinda means no dosa for you.

good thing that the folks from udupi didnt know about that one. else i would have never gotten to eat uppu dosa, neer dosa, masala dosa, godhi dosa…


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  1. Have you ever had the pleasure of watching the famous (not) movie that Pratap Pothen and Radhika made – when they were married to each other?! There is a scene in it where Pratap’s character describes the full moon as ‘kadavul sutta dosai”….just saying….he he šŸ™‚

    • what? the things we learn about kollywood?? at the unlikeliest of places… these two were married to each other. total revelation moment…

  2. Hang on, hang on – not only does the Tamil saying mean no dosa for you, it also means no love, appalam or vadas. šŸ˜¦ THAT’S what I call heaping cruelty upon an already harsh punishment – I mean, no dosa, appalam OR vada, all at the same time??? Oh, I can’t bear it!

  3. Pazhamozhi yillavital yenna, sing the rhyme, Dosai amma dosai and go on a loop at ‘Thinna thinnai asai, thiruppi ketal poosai’, strongly indicating that you need more and more dosai and will not reciprocate the favor. (Yedho yenna mudinjadhu punniyam to spoil your variety dosai eating.)

    • not to worry…nothing can rain on my dosa fest.

      i can eat atleast 10 neerdosas in one sitting — a hardcore case of thiruppi thiruppi eating

  4. I thought ‘ellaara mane dosenu tute’ is used with a negative connotation..all houses (?homes) have similar discord (not so much with reference to happiness)..

    • oh ah. swalpa adjust maadi… i think i got carried away eating the dosa and didnt pay too much attention to the kannada.

  5. First time commenting here…Love your short, crisp and funny stories…
    I would think that “Veettukku Veedu Vasapadi” best describes that every house has the same problems….of course I think it is only used in a negative connotation!!!!


    • thank you…
      always feel happy when a new comment comes in from a new reader… feels like a neerdosa served hot with onion chutney.

  6. it does have a negative connotation of sorts. but its all good. means we are all same-same although kannada food can knock the socks off tamil food! i think we can actually overlap on this one. i do like my dosas. unlike with vadas when i dont understand what on earth you are talking about as i dont like them. oh. wait. i like maddur vada. just not that donut-like thing. another case in point of knock the socks.

    • oh. thanks for the translation. i lost most of it except dosa, i think.

      actually i love dosas much much more than i will ever love vadas…there i said it loud.

      but i love the mystery of the vada… will it be light, soft, fluffy, crisp, biting hot?

      the dosa offers no such conundrums.

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