three plus


“and may god less you…
and may god less you…”

baby param singing the happy birthday song. and what he thinks is the second stanza…


so. ma. what did you do at home today ?”

Baby param pops me the question as he jumps out of the van. er. wasnt that my half of the dialogue?

“today the teacher stamped on some books and slapped me…”

this is 100 per cent fiction. maybe even 200 per cent.

“hello. vanakkam. oru kaamedy sollunga”

baby param answering the phone.

i have mentioned earlier that i will never forgive the mmmim for watching kollywood dial-in comedy shows. totally stand by it.

full month of burnt idlis for the mmmim coming up.

there’s a lot of good press about toddlerhood, infancy, bibs and breastfeeding. but i was too tired to notice. i found the first years of motherhood overwhelmingly exhausting ( on good days ) and exhaustingly overwhelming (on the other days).

and just when firstborn headed schoolwards, babyparam popped out. and there went another three years.

i want to go on record that i am not nostalgic about baby photos, prams and spit-ups. i dont miss the emergency runs, suppositories, and the dirtiest tee-shirts in this side of south east asia. i dont miss the four hour marathon feeding sessions, baby chairs and the backaches.

here’s my happiness haiku

you child
are three
am glad for me


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    • adhu yepdi? sorry. burnt idlis have to be earned… kadumaiyai ozhachi sambaadikanum

      cant just give the recipe away like that

  1. He’s got the stamping and the slapping bits the right way around. Would you have preferred the teacher to have slapped some books and stamped on him? 😀

    And “oru kaamedy sollunga”? Don’t those dial-in things ask for “oru joke sollunga”?

    And finally… burnt idlis is a FIENDISH plan, MiM 🙂 Good luck with trying to follow it through!

    • i am relieved that the teacher didnt get stamped on or slapped, considering how baby param can be rather menacing at times..

      those dialin ppl say”yenna kaamedy solla poreenga inniki?” stet.

      thanks for the round of support on the idlis. forward ho!

    • what? yet another person is curious about this secret and ancient technique that has been passed down 6 generations of women in the mim household. secrets are for keeping, my friend

  2. Long time lurker…

    Happy Bdday to baby Param 🙂

    At the blue lawn household we are currently at 2.8 and 0.6 (well almost)….Mera number kab aayega?

    P.S: Rice Cooker payasam idea soooper…

    • your number romba romba far away. consolation is at least one will be three. phew.

      PS i dont like any other payasams, these days. total delish

  3. Recent delurker lurking to wish many happy returns to baby param.
    Please share the recipe for rice cooker payasam. Always ready for payasam of most kinds.

    • rice cooker payasam = directly pour milk, sugar, ghee, golden samea, cashews, etc etc…
      in the rice cooker and let it cook for an hour: it thickens into the most delish milkmaidlike payasam.
      keep the rice cooker open. and stir occasionally.

  4. Hey MiM,

    Happy happy to Baby Param. DD’s 7 and I am safely out of the woods and DH wants another one. Any secret recipe you can pass along to me to punish him for this foolhardiness?

  5. Belated b’day wishes to the little one:) talk about the timing of the 2nd one’s arrival… shabbaa… a few more months and i think the 2nd will forget a thing called tantrums.. FAT hopes i know:| loved the haiku:)

    • thank you… vidya
      actually his birthday was in august. but i waited till i was certain he was well over 3 and not regressing to do this post

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