spoiler alert


watched the second half of Padosan waiting for its most famous song…

apparently it comes in the beginning.
#smote forehead moment


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  1. Spoiler alert for a film made in 1968?

    MiM, all well?

    SOS signal to MiM floating around in another time- woohoo, ahoy, come back to 2011!

    Maybe the three year old and the six year old will anchor you more firmly when you are back.

    • trust the sur to float to the surface when i write about a film:-)

      but. what do you mean this is 2011?
      i just cut my hair like saira banu’s and have added kishore kumar on twitter.
      IT IS 1968.

      • So whisper to your haircut – saira, have you got over your love for rajendra kumar, are you really happy with dilip kumar, are you angry with your mom for nixing your plans to elope?

        When you have the answers I will believe you, ( and prepare myself for the tragic end to the kishore kumar -madhubala love story)

        Until then I will stay with the news of the birth of a little miss india and how the entire media maniacs are trying to follow strict rules of ethics- ( dont barge into the operation theatre and other areas in the hospital that are out of bounds – grown up adults need to put that down as reminders to themselves? i love 2011 !)

        • Sur, you even know 1968 gossip?

          my bouffant haircut is standing on edge.

          went up and read up on Kishore Kumar after what you told me… he’s really colourful and super gifted. wow.

          you should have moved out of mumbai when aishwarya rai went into labour. how can you stand it?

  2. Love this song.

    We had a crotchety curmudgeonly nosy old lady living opposite – so just to annoy her my neighbor used to sing this song at the top of his voice from the upstairs window never realizing that there was a girl next door (not that I can by any means even come close to being described as a “chaand ka tukda”). So she comes over to complain to my Dad that the boy next door has evil intentions on his daughter so watch out… Unfortunately for her Dad was fed up of her as well and would pretend to shout back when ever my neighbor started singing – and the two has a blast!!

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