in other news…


on hearing that aishwarya rai has delivered:

the mmmim: ” yes, but tell me why this end of the curtain is dangling”

bollywood leaves the man cold.


baby param crawled under the bathroom door.

apparently he locked himself inside the bathroom at school. panicking, he tried to kick it open. when he couldnt… he flattened himself on the floor and creeped out.

i am not even thinking of the eyuuuuuuu-ness that this event has generated.

the things that child does.

firstborn won a spot prize for answering a fun question in school: “why do we have two ears and one mouth?”

“to listen more and talk less” he said.

we were stunned to know that this child knows this in theory.

because practical FAIL.

and wordpress tells me I am 500 posts old. gosh. i CAN go on sometimes huh?… classic case of the mimpot calling the firstbornkettle black. heh heh.


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  1. I am shocked with the whole Aishwarya-baby girl news. I swear I thought she had twin buns in the oven and she wasn’t due till much later! May be in my alternate parallel universe!

    The husband goes, ‘Yes, she delivered. Big B tweeted. Why don’t you follow him on Twitter’. I would be even more shocked if he is following Big B’s tweets.

  2. MiMpot, please continue to compete with the Firstbornkettle every single day πŸ™‚ And report on every thought right here. Here’s to seeing your 1000th post very soon! πŸ™‚

    LoL at Baby Param – he kept his head, he got out of the locked toilet without any help. Well done, that boy!

  3. Do you follow MacGyver? BP is following in his footsteps. He will save the world one day, with a piece of twine, one gemclip and his alternative thinking. Keep going BP.

  4. Baby Param rocks! Most kids I know would have panicked and screamed. FB is even coooler for saying what he did. How old is he again? Maybe he can say this to a few adults I know πŸ™‚ As for the Aiswarya Rai hoopla, it is just painful to watch even for a bollywood junkie like me 😦

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