and weddings come in twos.


at this reception I had TOTAL fun.
the mmmim and i were colour co-ordinated (his kurta buttons and my salwar kameez were the same colour)

there was music and dance (the mmmim was in kollywood heaven)

the ladies there were poured into blouses so attractively stitched that I was determined to get the number of all these stylo tailors and ask em why they weren’t hanging around in chennai in 2004 when i was getting married?

and these last few photos were meant as a primer for all those tailors in chennai to whom my ma takes my blouse materials. look and learn please.


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  1. lol! there are many good ones in chennai now – they charge a bomb, but they do amazing work(I met a lady whose blouse stitching charges came to 7K 😐 It was done v. beautifully, though)

    I got married in 2010 and went in for the normal-type-stitching and regretted it in hindsight. esp when vijesh takes some fancy pics of the embroidery work on the blouse 😦

    • 7k va???

      the blouse better be dipped in petrol or gold or some precious metal.

      saar was too busy at your wedding. there wasnt a lightstory until after the abi

  2. Do you wear blouses like that red one…*Hats off* I dont think I can wear those! they are too low cut for me πŸ™‚

    I wore saree only for my wedding and bro’s wedding..and the blouses were just too simple πŸ™‚ the tailor had a hard time covering the wide expanse of my errr…upper body with the small amount of pattu cloth they gave with the saree πŸ˜‰

    you attended TWO weddings…I am so jealous πŸ™‚

    loved the golden bow πŸ™‚

    • of course i cant wear blouses like those.

      but i’d like my tailor to technically know that these fashions exist and stop putting a silly puff in my sleeve

  3. I have had saree blouse envy ever since I saw my cousin’s 2009 wedding photos (the year, not number of photos) – she had the most GORRRRRGEOUS blouses done EVER. Ok, so it all cost Rs.12000 but the sarees deserved them… and compared to the saree prices, the blouse stitching price was jujube πŸ™‚

    And to think I don’t even wear sarees and hardly ever have. But if such blouse-stitching tailors had existed when I was younger, I might have been lured… not that we’ll ever know NOW.

    • my ma was breathing v. loudly down my neck during my wedding.

      she would have refused to attend wedding, if i had asked tailor to incorporate microscopic elements of fashion (abhistu alert high)

  4. I miss weddings. The Malay wedding reminded me of rendang and kueh.

    From my friends pictures on FB, the sarees blouses in SG are even more daring. Though most are tailored in India

  5. I have some of those blouses. They did not exist (I’m going to date myself here) when I got married in 2000. But I went to India this year and got myself a couple of those fantastic blouses. Next trip, it’s onto backless cholis πŸ˜‰

  6. Huh – blouse envy. BTDT, and now have reached a wierd state of zen – it was either that or hitting the bottle and zen seemed cheaper. My tailor, who has known me for a depressingly number of years, tells me, to my face, that “such styles are for young people, not you” – and happily stiches me mami blouses. I grin weakly and accept – who else will give me blouses in one week?

    Weddings nowadays are so coordinated and pretty …

    • i only have maami blouses. ma got them all ordered in bulk.
      and she had the tailor stitch in kilometres of seam allowance, predicting (and rightly) post matrimonial girth.

      seven years apres, now, that i have a waist ( *stops to reality check* and re-read the sentence. it is still true. omg*)

      nothing fits

  7. MiM: I’d be happy to share my tailor details with you the next time you visit Chennai. She is awesome and not 7K type expensive πŸ™‚ Lovely pictures! Made me want to visit India and eat at a kalyanam 😦

    • i have only word with an @ at the middle for you sands : “”

      thanks in advance…

      looking totally FORWARD.

      and your dussera post was like a grand feast …wasn’t that like hosting a kalyanam?

    • Um. You dont know me, but you wouldnt want to share the details with me too, would you? If I became the owner of a blouse that looked beautiful and fit me correctly, and if I wore it with a saree (borrowed, stolen, whatever) at some point, it would make my mother a very, very happy woman who would bless you and yours forever after. Much punyam will thereby accumulate (in your favour).

  8. mmmim and you were colour co-ordinated … but was it planned ???

    Regarding the expensive blouses … my most expensive blouse was stitched this year and it cost me 550 Rs… may not be as daring as the ones in the pics above … but certainly challenging for me πŸ™‚

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