it’s taken us three years to be invited


to a wedding…here in KL


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  1. So ,,you are having a wonderful time attending weddings in KL.
    I had the pleasure of attending a Malay wedding and it was awesome.. Everything was planned and in order…The bride and bridegroom were to rush for the ‘stage rehearsal’ the day they had come to give the wedding invite. Comparing it to our style of wedding…’stage rehearsal’ – I am thinking of my granny’s reaction 🙂

    • my 2 sen: i think because Malaysians are so easy going (ok lah, ne’ mind lah) most of the time… they make a lot of effort to get it right on that one special day.

      • Color co-ordinated seems to be a fashion here… in the wedding i attended white and light blue was the chosen color. Very pretty.. And we also did get those eggs as gifts along with cute little boxes of sweets.
        And here’s the explanation. I had guessed it then..but this is the confirmation
        “The giving away of bunga telur to guests at wedding receptions is a mark of ‘fertility’. By giving this gift, the guests are hoped to pray for the newlyweds to be blessed with children, a symbolic way as man originates from the fertilization of the ‘ovum’ (egg).”

  2. I love the white and white combo.

    color co-ordinated mom and dad – totally cool! must see if i can get amma and appa to do this for my bro’s wedding.

    why do they give eggs as return gifts?

  3. So JEALOUS!!! I am in the US for 8 years, never attended a wedding yet…whenever there has been an invite, I was visiting India!

    Beautiful pictures…curious about why the bride and groom have to be so still!!

  4. Loved the color coordination – and was just imagining most of my relatives’ reactions if informed that a wedding had a theme color and/or required coordination! 🙂 🙂 Not for us, I imagine 🙂

    • i thought that they were beautiful and v. patient too, swaram… they had to remain almost as still as the bride and groom

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