batu caves


the mmmim misses temples and the social network it gave him in chennai. (he may or may not have heard of facebook; he may or may not have heard it is 2011).

and being the mmmim he overcompensates.

he’s adopted a temple here… and goes to help out on weekends. cleaning. chatting with a maama. giving tulsi. serving prasadam. spending four hours on a saturday morning that begins at 5.45 a.m.

being type A. type hyper A.

very rarely i tag along.

(note to ma: you can click on the images to see bigger photos)


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  1. The lady who gives a spoiler alert for a film made in 1968 should really not be passing comments on people who might not know facebook.

    and you sat and watched 272 steps without climbing them? I respect you more and more…

    • touche! sur:-) at least i am somewhere in this century. unlike spouse.

      no they didnt. they came back in seven after they saw i wasnt coming along.

      have to dash your idealism. cant have you respecting me and all that.

  2. No no, my respect for you grows because you DID NOT climb. When i look at never ending steps i feel compelled to climb, though i hate climbing steps- i feel that everyone would wonder why i am there if not to climb – i aspire to be the one who would stand and stare, unmoved.

    my respect wont sit heavy on your shoulders. i promise.

    • must respect (even as light as a souffle) figure in our conversation?

      i stay on floor 13 and v. often climb down to the basement. for fun. if you are thinking i am a nutjob, my job here is done

      • Yes, mim, but the 100 lakh-rupee question is: Do you then climb BACK up from the basement to floor 13? 🙂 And re floor 13 – aren’t Malays afraid of the “unlucky” number 13? Or have they not improted that particular superstition from the West?

        • there is some four mistrust. the fourth floor is 3 A. fourteenth is 14A.

          i dont know i heard some rumours about four sounding like death in mandarin…

          BUT. i am affronted that you even thought i climb back up. hmpf

  3. So I have been told by too many people that I need to visit this place ASAP as I live in Singapore – renovations are a good excuse to escape a visit for a few months – IMHO I need more incentives to visit and I am sure I will be picking your brains soon

    • my friend says it’s the only plus about living in sing.
      this by a friend who doesnt live in sing.
      but her dream plan is to settle in sing.
      and visit M’sia every other weekend

      • So I have been in Singapore less than a month but I still do not understand why someone needs to visit Malaysia every weekend? Maybe I am missing something? Maybe it will all fall into place once I visit Malaysia – I am confused

        • maybe because this friend lurrved the neer dosas cooked by my other udupi friend. this was 80 per cent of the bait.

          the rest were the beaches and shopping

  4. I would have climbed. And I would have won! I would be there at 4am and sneer when mmmim dawdled along, and then I would have run down the 272 steps. I am just awesome this way.

    And re: clicking a pic because everyone was. IF EVERYONE JUMPS IN A WELL WILL YOU? WILL YOU? EVERYONE CLIMBED UP 272 STEPS. WHY DIDNT YOU?

    today is day 2 of my fast. but you couldnt tell ? could you?

    • climbing day is a month away… on thai pusam –where it’s a public holiday

      re: clicking pic. i am tam. i definitely will jump in a well when everyone is jumping. coz everyone knows that wells in chennai are all dry.

      my 3 day fast is approaching next week… you can tell too..nah?

  5. hee hee, it just occured to me that you are in malaysia and my SIL is also settling there 🙂 wonly after I saw that ummachi snap. She had sent me some snaps of her visit to that temple recently.. must have met the prasadam giving mmmim there … no?

    snail-ish brain and aranai buddhi is all I can say in my defense..

    • oh! small world then…
      the mmmim is a permanent fixture at batu caves, but at the perumal kovil. right near our man anjaneya

    • Athuvum back of blouses! This also for your ma to use for patterns is it?

      I am pretty sure my husband has met mmmim there. He never misses the opportunity to go there when he’s in KL.

      • reva: saturday mornings means batu for the maama in mmmim. but he’s at the perumal temple… pious-ing it out theree.

        back of blouses is for me. to become a little more brave.

  6. Re the final pic – what is this world coming to when even tiny little girls have fancier blouses than I ever had in my entire life including adulthood??? LOUELY pavadai-chattai… makes me wish for pavadai-chattai for myself even though such times have gone well beyond the beginning of Time.

  7. Ah, we did not visit this temple precisely because of the steps! Our younger one was old enough to be heavy but too young to climb stairs, and it was the middle of summer. ‘Nuff said. Come to see the ruins of the Buddhist monsastery/university in Julian, Taxila, some time. The stairs that take you up are very sneaky and misleading. Since they wind up the hillside, you never get a full view of them. You think you can wing it and by the time you realise that you’re actually going to die before you reach the top, it’s too late to go back.

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