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all of you are going through a lot of trouble..


…to make me J. about your vacations.


it worked.

am in chennai, soaking in the Bangalore-like weather, the chikkoos, the pomegranate+grape juices, music on demand, narthangai oorgai, the possibility of rides on flying trains, bright gurjari kurtas for the boys, gigantic oothappams served with vats of sambar and tubfulls of chutney, ACKs express delivered on flipkart…
heh heh

see you in 2012.




I get a public holiday on Monday because it’s the sultan’s birthday here in KL.
But people staying 10 minutes away in the city of Petaling Jaya don’t. because they are part of Selangor, a different state.

I urgently need to make friends with someone living in Petaling Jaya so I can happily gloat on Monday.

Margazhi is round the corner


and i have seriously fallen in love with with semmangudi srinivasa iyer’s music. I like him on both counts: as a person and as a musician.

Unnecessarily overanalytical wherever it’s strictly not my business — that would me:-).

for eg:

some people i don’t like but love their music ( balamuralikrishna)

some musicians i don’t like but i like em as people ( tm krishna)

But Iyer, to borrow from facebook , gets my double like.

i love the unhurried pace of the music. leisurely type B kind of singing. carnatic music like it should be.

i’ve been watching documentaries and reading up about him: apparently he didnt charge a fee to teach his students — he kept a box and students could contribute what they felt like, and the money would go to charity;

one student said that Iyer would be immensely pleased and appreciative if she sang well during a class.

(My music teachers, I remember, cringed and cowered and offered to refund my fees, whenever I played my veena with abandon)

here are my top three.
This one i hear on loop. there’s no coordination between lip movement and music. it’s an ancient video. look at the audience. not even people in my family wear such specs any more (and my family is not choosy, they are happiest in a time machine with a monkey at the controls)

but the song is so beautiful esp. at 6.28 where he sings “sadasivam, paramsivam”

kamas is the smiley raga. even novices don’t go wrong. and when the master takes on this…

and when I watch this one, there’s very little song, a very brief video , i gather he was a happy man who enjoyed singing…

and that makes me, a listener, very happy too…

four things that hurt…


firstborn wants a spiderman superhero costume


firstborn is quoting from vivek and rhyming:”instruction, construction and loose motion”


baby param is sobbing because he has to stay home with me instead of going to school. (holidays have begun)


wanted to try and sing the varali pancharatna kriti . couldnt remember the first line. been trying for three days. wanted to do it without google’s help. still cant.

i’ve just been kissed on the cheek…


by providence.


it’s the weekend. the mmmim wanted to entertain some colleagues, who have been touring Malaysia. and the mmmim offered them a choice…

1. a two-hour drive one way and an evening full of sights

2. a one-hour drive one way and a two-hour forest trek .

(“let’s all go. let firstborn miss his paatu class, for one day, ” he tells me.)

I am three words into my lecture. quoting from the handbook of parenting section 24 (b) appendix (iv) , which is actually a sermon on the non-cutting of paatu class.

I can be polite and well-mannered for more than 13 minutes and 8 seconds, because these are Guests From His Office. So hey. it’s not about me.

It’s really about firstborn’s paatu class.

It’s not about the mmmim who likes to go on an athithi-devo-bhava-overdrive. and is determined to show most guests ‘KL in 8 hours’. And bloody WANTS me to tag along.
He is unfazed at the prospect of unrelenting car nausea (baby param) and and 235.45 repetitions of “are-we-home-yet” (firstborn).

Just then providence leans across…

and the guests call the mmmim to say, “hey. it’s ok. we’d rather chill in our hotel this evening.”