I get a public holiday on Monday because it’s the sultan’s birthday here in KL.
But people staying 10 minutes away in the city of Petaling Jaya don’t. because they are part of Selangor, a different state.

I urgently need to make friends with someone living in Petaling Jaya so I can happily gloat on Monday.


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    • oh no! I GOT IT ALL WRONG!

      it is the sultan of selangor’s birthday… and petaling jaya has a holiday… and we are working in KL.

      i have to keep my eyes peeled out for new friendships and defer em until tuesday!

  1. You can, no actually, you cannot gloat (based on comments). But, while I have you here, can I gloat that we have a week long vacation coming up for Christmas?

  2. Mim,
    Thanks for visiting SRAR and leaving a comment, I am seriously thrilled. I am a long time ‘lurker’ and follower of your blog, and I admit I am a big fan! I love your style of writing- very effortless, fuss-free and positively entertaining. It’s not heavy and prosaic( something I can’t seem to shake off) and that makes it refreshing. And I should mention Meesai Murali is the default topic of conversation on the drive to and back from school.

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