all of you are going through a lot of trouble..


…to make me J. about your vacations.


it worked.

am in chennai, soaking in the Bangalore-like weather, the chikkoos, the pomegranate+grape juices, music on demand, narthangai oorgai, the possibility of rides on flying trains, bright gurjari kurtas for the boys, gigantic oothappams served with vats of sambar and tubfulls of chutney, ACKs express delivered on flipkart…
heh heh

see you in 2012.


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  1. Waah….Concerts! You get to go to season concerts!

    And bah! MDS weather can never be B’lore like – come on, a temp drop of 1 degree does not coolness make! 🙂 🙂

  2. Having lived here for over 2 decades, this is the first time am seeing some madrasis take sweaters seriously:) Though its still amusing to watch people wearing them:) Welcome to Chennai! In time to catch some music this season?!

    • there there, shyam, i am firefighting headlice –> firstborn on the heels of the India trip had the most fun and also now the most itchiest scalp.

      . no need to be J.

        • … the thing about combing out these pests is that awfully contagious (hair raising) empathy . now i am doubly stuck…

          and thanks for the great tip, M. why didnt I think of that?

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