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one liners or two


loud thought bubbles in the supermarket that i can read: : “isn’t that too much hair oil for one family? isnt that too much hairoil for one head?”

baby param, at 3, has a manish malhotra gene. “can you tell her she’s wearing a lovely dress, amma” he says, when he sees his 9 y.0. friend walking in. i hope it’ll grow into a tim gunn gene.

i watched firstborn in the republic day assembly today. he and 20 other children were singing sare jahan se achcha. a

nd seconds before the song begins… (the fidgeters have settled down, the school is all quiet watching in expectancy… )

firstborn is turning his back to the school and the teachers, and is talking to his friend.

i stared. then i said shush from where i was standing. and prayed he would hear me.
really prayed.
he didnt.

the only time he wasnt talking was when he was singing! Completely chatty Karan Johar gene. *sigh*



fire fighter


the mmmim gets tonnes of bad press here. i do my best to ensure that.

today is not one of those days.

a neighbour banged on our door saying there was a fire in her ceiling.

our family was in a state of routine dissaray.
the kids were sharpening pencils and working hard to properly create a pencil-shaving mess in the hall.
I was popping a fig into my mouth (debating if i should pop two at the same time).
the mmmim was poised to get to the curd with rasam’s dal poured in the center.

he hears the SOS.

and in a trice. the mmmim girds up his dhoti and has speeds into neighbour’s house. and thrown water over the fire. and put it out.


ok. got that off my chest. now here’s something on women’s web by me…

cup runneth over…


firstborn's pongal illustration

clever MiM copies firstborn's art to make this kolam. idhu yepdi iruku?

the mmmim was bringing one friend over for pongal lunch, he said.

so i cook a little extra.

*nincompoop moment alert*

there was enough sakkarai pongal for 20 people. I spent the rest of the evening pressing my aching legs after door delivering sakkarai pongal to most Indian families in our block.

Ok, now I have the recipe for 20 people. 3 cups of rice. 1 cup of moong dal. about two litres of milk. half a bottle of ghee (from homemade butter). tonnes of cashews. 9 cups of jaggery (or was it 10?)

add saffron, nutmeg, elaichi so fragrant that most of the apartment can already smell it .

over cook for an hour.

pass stirring to mmmim.

add the jaggery in the last few minutes.

and my cup ranneth over this Pongal

exactly what are the proportions for 1 more person for lunch, i still have to figure out…

humble pie


I used to hate that question “if you could be on a time machine, which historic personality would you want to meet?”

i hate science fiction, i hate conditional questions unless i am asking them and i hated the cliched answers that popped up.

*humble pie moment alert*

this is the author that I have been reading A LOT this past year. His words leap out of the page hold my collar and say: “LOOK HERE! YOU! LISTEN!”

And i caught myself telling a friend yesterday that if i could go on a time machine, I’d like to listen to just one speech of swami vivekananda. And my calender tells me that he was born this day in 1863. What a man!



about the India trip.
1. I have a new cooking idol: revathi shanmugam. tried four dishes, pudina rice, kathrikaai pachchadi, soup and two kinds of vada.
will youtube her teaching the sambarvada dahivada recipe . you guys are going to love me

2. watched the margazhi mahotsav on tv. sanjay was tops. no frills with ghatam tabla morsing, etc. just music and the man. enjoyed nithyashree’s chatter more than the music. aruna sayeeram has the most elegant hands. very very chic nails. sudha raghunathan is getting younger? ranjani and gayatri have a great sense of dressing. they never go over the top. lovely understated fashion. i didnt like the new chap, abhishek raghuram or didnt like the chatter or the music double thumbs down.

3. the mmmim locked me in two days ago. he took the house keys and car keys, locked the grill gate behind him and left. the things i endure, i tell you…
4. in chennai, I spoke to utbt of utbtkids fame… and now i know two things that you people dont. the names of her daughters…:-)
5. I take back all the rude things i said about thin people. after a point the jokes about not going out on a windy get BLOODY stale. and i got a lot this time. only because i have lot some considerable weight. pshaw. and i am not even thin yet.

6. the best kutcheri was by sreevalsan menon on new year’s day on all india radio. tops. hadnt even heard of the bloke, and the nnounced pronounced his name sri wilson. i was wondering …?google nanri