about the India trip.
1. I have a new cooking idol: revathi shanmugam. tried four dishes, pudina rice, kathrikaai pachchadi, soup and two kinds of vada.
will youtube her teaching the sambarvada dahivada recipe . you guys are going to love me

2. watched the margazhi mahotsav on tv. sanjay was tops. no frills with ghatam tabla morsing, etc. just music and the man. enjoyed nithyashree’s chatter more than the music. aruna sayeeram has the most elegant hands. very very chic nails. sudha raghunathan is getting younger? ranjani and gayatri have a great sense of dressing. they never go over the top. lovely understated fashion. i didnt like the new chap, abhishek raghuram or didnt like the chatter or the music double thumbs down.

3. the mmmim locked me in two days ago. he took the house keys and car keys, locked the grill gate behind him and left. the things i endure, i tell you…
4. in chennai, I spoke to utbt of utbtkids fame… and now i know two things that you people dont. the names of her daughters…:-)
5. I take back all the rude things i said about thin people. after a point the jokes about not going out on a windy get BLOODY stale. and i got a lot this time. only because i have lot some considerable weight. pshaw. and i am not even thin yet.

6. the best kutcheri was by sreevalsan menon on new year’s day on all india radio. tops. hadnt even heard of the bloke, and the nnounced pronounced his name sri wilson. i was wondering …?google nanri


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  1. You aren’t thin? Any more and the wind will blow you off…oh sorry i just read that you dont like those jokes ๐Ÿ˜‰ welcome back

  2. You do realize you’re going to have to share weight loss tips. Specifically, how you lose weight when you make pudina rice, various ottai pota saadhanangal and litres of payasam? Do you just make and not eat? Do you make and distribute so others eat and look fat in comparison to you?

    Share, O thin one, please share.

    • no no no weight loss was due to sugar cut.
      I was an addict in that department. I could (and did) eat kesari, mysore pak and payasam before my morning cuppa…

  3. margazhi mahautsav sanjay was the best. ( btw, do you follow his blog ?) i was so looking forward to hearing the whole concert after reading about the songs he had chosen…I didnt know that Harikesanallur MB had composed so many tamil krithis. but thanks to choppy editing we got to see only the tukkadas . Aruna sayeeram should start singing carnatic music now- about time , dont you think ? someone should tell her that its not a bad idea at all.

    and please the share weight loss tips..the number of weight loss resolutions are fast outnumbering monitor resolutions at my end. thanks in advance and a very Happy vadai payasam filled New year to the mim family…

    • I do R! Sanjay was the best. Did you hear OS Arun? Such a slidedown… ๐Ÿ˜ฆ from six /seven years ago…
      and thanks for the wishes and happiness all this year round to you too.
      weight loss was mainly because of staying off sugar, R. I was an addict. I did take my kaapi with six spoonsful (heaped).

      • OS Arun is now officially dancing bear..or circus monkey- whichever you prefer. I first heard him in delhi 20 years ago singing for a dance performance and a few other times solo…back then he showed a lot of promise and intention to sing classical music but now he just entertains but not with music, sadly.

        i have been drink sugarless tea and gallons of green tea.these past couple of years .aasaya sapadu pottu valartha weight – doesnt seem to go anywhere ..thanks anyway !

  4. Eh we saw Margazhi Mahotsavam here as well ๐Ÿ™‚ and yes, Aruna Sayeeram needs to start singing again: what she does now is excruciating! Abhishek Raghuram was very good in concert when he came here, an unfortunate tendency to verbal gymnastics will probably fade with age/maturity. I actually liked Krishna’s concert after ages. Nithyascream has lost weight, that’s the only thing I can say about her

    • lol @nithyascream… this time wasnt too bad no?
      what is it about Abhishek that got him in that slot? couldnt endure after 15 minutes, so I cant really tell..

      • No, this time Nithyascream (or Nithyashrill)) wasn’t too bad, but her choice of songs was boring. Anjaneya is all well, but He needed better songs, IMO.

        Re: Abhishek, connections I guess: given the whole Palghat Raghu family thing, and cousins together on stage blah blah.

        • rofl@nithyashrill: you should do reviews you know!

          but at least she didnt have a stack of papers and blithely see and sing… it may look okay on a dias; on tv it comes off terrible.

          I saw someone have a whole pazhaya paper kadai worth of papers under their nose…

  5. Since I know only Sanjay Ramasamy and Abishek Bachan. So I am going to move on to Revathy Shanmugam. Don’t you think she is a bit intensive on onions and chilli powder?! I like her traditional, pitlai kind of dishes.( I cut back to 85% of chilli and onion though.)

    • she is also garlic queen.

      I love onions. i started cooking onions v. late in life. in my 30s…so there can never be too much in my case

  6. He he I also know the two things too.
    And a third – her chittiโ€™s name. Was my wing-mate.

    (No I am not THAT ancient, she just has a very young chitti!)

    • Kenny is chitthi indeed, to a very cute and smart kid ๐Ÿ™‚

      But you are right, it is rather difficult to imagine that. She looks more like the said child’s cousin.

  7. but one thing i have beat even boo to:

    i knew her husband even before she did!!!

    (MiM, before you ask – same campus wonly. so that is a fourth).

      • what i know about kutcheris will fill the back of a stamp, but you’ll have to write in LARGE CAPS.

        but i know what being locked in means. vijesh locked me in 4 months ago and went to his office 30 kms away(thats like 30 light years in chennai now). i jumped from our terrace to the neighbor’s terrace, scared the dog(v. proud, he is such a horrible dog), scared the neighbor and set myself free. I can totally relate to the kolaveri moment you must’ve felt.

        • congratulations on scaring a dog!
          i thought those things happened only in the reverse.

          as for kutcheris? you should let em grow on you. never expect progress… and then voila you’ll have likes and dislikes.

          as for me

          typical day: the mmmim hurries me: says rush, rush, rush, I’m late late late,

          and delays everyone by stooping (the mmmim is 6ft so stooping takes a long time) and waiting for baby param to kiss his cheek.

          and on that day: at 7.20 a.m. he locked me and baby param in. so baby param missed his school van. and i was horrified that I had to mind baby param FOR THE WHOLE DAY?

          terrified at the prospect of elaborate lecture he sends the key back . and since baby param is ready and uniformed, I have to get him to school. that means i had to look presentable by 9 am. grrrrrrrrrrrr.

          • When I read your piece I wondered why you were unhappy about being locked in. I wouldn’t really mind it – no bank, no shopping, no bill paying, and you get to scream at the man at the end of the day. When you mentioned minding the kid for a day, I got the point.

  8. Lady is here. Left a comment that appears as BOOKSNMOREADMIN for some reason!! (Don’t go searching for booksnmore, it is for-my-eyes-only-blog that I use as a scratch pad. Contains nothing but my insane ideas reg books and activities.)

    MIM, Chox and Boo are making me sound like an enigma. Good job, please to keep it up.

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