humble pie


I used to hate that question “if you could be on a time machine, which historic personality would you want to meet?”

i hate science fiction, i hate conditional questions unless i am asking them and i hated the cliched answers that popped up.

*humble pie moment alert*

this is the author that I have been reading A LOT this past year. His words leap out of the page hold my collar and say: “LOOK HERE! YOU! LISTEN!”

And i caught myself telling a friend yesterday that if i could go on a time machine, I’d like to listen to just one speech of swami vivekananda. And my calender tells me that he was born this day in 1863. What a man!


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    • i dont need a future machine, i hate those things.
      an airplane would do nicely, but.

      but you rearrange cushions after guests leave. and eat minimal rotis. you terrify me.

  1. I gorge on humble pie all the time. it is fattening.depressing. but gooey and melty. dammit, no effort needed to ingest the damn thing.

    Rosa Luxemberg is my destination on the time machine. Or then there is Baal Gandharva, Chaplin, the German Expressionists, Balraj Sahani,Madhubala,Fearless Nadia…….. the list is long. I’d probably never get off the machine.

    Wishing you a good year -and to all your regular commenters… 🙂

    • Chaplin. Sigh.

      We have been ODing on his movies (excerpts actually) on Youtube all week. Amazing that almost 100 years on, he can set off a pair of 6- and a 11- yr olds into unstoppable fits of giggles. His brand of entertainment is truly timeless.

  2. been thinking of you and already sent you warm wishes for the new year, looooong before i keyed it in here, sur. and love to sanah.

    and. good thing i am sstill chewing on humble pie. had to google three people in your list, sur.

    • Been meaning to write a comment on your various posts- but google did not help me with the tamil, not one bit! Even the subtitles on kolaveri di did not help 😦

      • To continue with google – thanks to your post I went back to my dislike for science fiction until I read a story by Ray Bradbury. I read Fahrenheit 451 in/after college , i love the book,and ever since have been trying to find that short story that turned my head around. All i remembered was that it was about a boy and his running shoes. Googled it this morning – it was called ‘The Sounds of summer running’ and is actually an extract from Dandelion Wine ( which i have not read) .

        So thanks to you flipkart is getting an order today. And you must read Fahrenheit 451. seriously. Truffaut made a film based on the book- and Truffaut is amongst my favorite filmmakers, but I have avoided seeing the film because i like the book so much.

        (how many strange quirks and likes and dislikes i have bared on this blog through multiple comments….!!!)

  3. My list would include Gandhi and Nathuram Godse, to know what kept the former going and what motivated the latter. But Swami Vivekananda is on the list too. Any man, who gets a 7000 strong crowd to give him a standing ovation for 2 minutes with the first line of his speech is well worth meeting and listening to. i’d have loved to be a fly on the wall during the Chicago speech.

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