fire fighter


the mmmim gets tonnes of bad press here. i do my best to ensure that.

today is not one of those days.

a neighbour banged on our door saying there was a fire in her ceiling.

our family was in a state of routine dissaray.
the kids were sharpening pencils and working hard to properly create a pencil-shaving mess in the hall.
I was popping a fig into my mouth (debating if i should pop two at the same time).
the mmmim was poised to get to the curd with rasam’s dal poured in the center.

he hears the SOS.

and in a trice. the mmmim girds up his dhoti and has speeds into neighbour’s house. and thrown water over the fire. and put it out.


ok. got that off my chest. now here’s something on women’s web by me…


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  1. Did the kids hail the hero? Or was the pencil shaving booty too mesmerising for them to notice?

    A mean older cousin told me that you can make erasers with pencil shavings and that I should collect them and keep in the fridge. Even though I was little ( and slavishly loyal to this mean cousin) I wondered why pencil shavings and not eraser shavings( if you can call the waste, after a rubbing bout on the paper, shavings). But I diligently collected the pencil shavings until my mother caught me out.

    No mean cousin hovering around the boys? or was this a self motivated exercise to litter the room?

    Read the interview and took copious notes. Hope to visit some time in the near future.

    • my kids were worried because
      the neighbour’s kid was worried
      that her taekwondo uniform got damp by all this water throwing … and wouldnt dry in time for class.

      and selamat datang to KL:-) sur

      • Sur, my soul sistaaaah! Me too – saved pencil shavings because I was told by (several) mean cousins that I could eventually make an eraser from it!!!

        We should go into this shavings-turned-into-erasers business together!

    • Sur notes, not just pencil shavings! You have to soak the pencil shavings in milk for a week! All the trouble I gave my mother is coming back to me with a vengeance.

      My younger one is in to making diamonds. It involves leaves, water, soaking for 10 days, onions in freezer, making a small hole in glass and such. The less said the better. When I can’t stand this mess of decayed leaves in my bucket and onions stinking up my freezer dramas, I will do a blog post 😐

      • Yes yes yes, i completely forgot the milk part. So i was not the only fool who fell for this story. I had visions of a fancy shaped, scented eraser emerging from the milky stuff.

        And diamonds out of onions? Cool? I might just plant the idea in my kid’s head, not becoming of a mother to try such experiments herself( although my hands are itching on reading your kid’s formula)

        • Yay, one more joins the gang!!

          Out here, ‘water juice’ is made by soaking tissue strips in water – never mind the mess that is created in the process *rolls eyes*

  2. That that person that that worry. But seriously, how did fire get on the ceiling of all places? My imagination has conjured up scenarios of rocket experiment going haywire, fine tuning reqd for juggling with fire sticks etc.

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