i did something…


that made me look clever in foresight.

I bought this ultra slimming svelte swimming costume one year ago.
and now i am five weeks into a swimming class:-)

i can glide, float, kick and drag my feet, pull my hands in a barrel motion, hold my breath underwater…

if only i could figure out how to come up for air


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  1. That’s the hardest part.. Practice, I hear, is key.

    How are you managing the pre & post baths, the hair drying, the smell of chlorine that never leaves etc. those were my pain points:(

    • hair drying.
      that part makes me sob.
      and the infinite entanglements that need to be de-tangled.

      but what i do is put tonnes of nall ennai one hour before.
      and one minute before i put a paste of sembaruthi leaves on my hair…

      i hide everything under the cap…

      chlorine is too scared of this concoction

  2. It’s the changing clothes that tires me out, so despite good intentions and enough blubber to keep me well afloat, I end up swimming maybe 4 times a year:(
    You’ll figure it out soon, you svelte one!

      • Do you have a pool in your building, that you can put on all these paste-shastes? I have to go some 4-5 km in the car, so I have to look reasonably respectable both ways. My sympathies for the hair, you brave girl. Keep at it.

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