publicity seekers…


enough if i try to keep a low profile…
they have news .
firstborn: the strangest combination of high-strung and literal.

this child ran a relay race. he thinks only the last batch of children qualify to get a medal. because these were the children near the goalpost.

a morning’s worth of explanations later, he understood it was a team sport. ah!
firstborn again. he sees a signboard on a tree that says “for sale/rent contact 01234567”. ergo. the child thinks the tree is for sale for Rm 01234567.
and is ready to overturn his piggy bank.
an afternoon’s worth of explanation later he understood that it was a sign for a condo for rent, and the number below was a phone number. ah!
this is also a child who knows a lot about usain bolt. but is persuaded that his classmate Julian is a tad speedier. ah! loyalty.

my experiments with samba rava... food blogging, here i come


an angry bird wedding anniversary. apt.


the mess on the floor spills on to the ceiling. Abi, you read it here first.


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  1. 2 posts in a day!!!
    πŸ™‚ aww the innocence of childhood .. a huggie for FB pls.
    what is samba rava? n that looks super Yumm
    Was it ur anniversary? and do the number of angry birds signify ur look for the last few years years that you were married to MMiM ?? πŸ˜‰

    • samba rava is broken wheat. it’s unpolished, unrefined and smells v. yummy when you roast it.
      my grandma used to make bisibelebath with samba rava instead of rice

      our anniv was on 2 feb…:-) we did something v. romantic together… we both forgot.

      hey! i want to win a giveaway… how do i rig it?

    • hey subhashree:-) i work in fits and starts…everywhere, i guess.

      yesterday there was dosai+sambar, aloo roast, rasam, keerai kootu… strawberry shakes, masala chaas,

      today i havent still entered the kitchen…

  2. Belated anniversary wishes!
    Samba ravai looks super yumm.. its a local fav in my native! πŸ™‚
    And he thinks his friend is faster? sooooo cute! Love that he wanted to buy the tree…

  3. hilarious! and belated anniversary wishes!


    i saw an empty billboard with just CONTACT and a phone number written on it when I was 11. I asked my best friend about it and she told me that “they tell us secrets if we call that number”. I believed it for a WHOLE YEAR. I thought there was something very mysterious about an empty billboard and her explanation was perfect.(fb and I are a lot alike *smug*. FB does these things at an age when it can be called cute, I was always a ezhu kazhudhai vayasu person when I did any of it*crest fallen*)

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