liar liar


i finished reading ” living with the himalayan masters by swami rama…”
and there’s a nice story about a man who decides to speak only the truth, after one point in his life…

33, is a highly impressionable age, to read these books.

voila, i am consciously trying to speak only the truth (not 100/100 : but work in progress, somedays i forget.). but the bug is definitely in my head. about a month now.

there is plan B (which isnt mentioned in the book): whenever uncomfortable i keep silent.

or the lifeline plan C (also not in the book): Quickly change the topic.

the person i am most in trouble with is the MMMIM.hmmm.


the top 5 trouble making questions this month were: in no particular order of mmmim’s sparking fuse

1 did you just pay rm 7 (equivalent of inr 92) for one bunch of tomatoes?

2 when shall we book tickets to attend XX wedding?

3 erm. why do we need imported (from paraguay) organic brown sugar?

4 who made the leafy mess in the bathroom?

5 is that yesterday’s rasam or is it day before yesterday’s?


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  1. I would like to know about the imported brown sugar too. What’s special about it…
    And leafy mess before the swimming lessons I assume :p

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