tall tales


baby param, 3, and full of VERY tall tales

When asked by a neighbour, if he went to school: “I didn’t go to school. I cut school today.”

When my ma called: ” Hello Grandma! no my ma isn’t at home. she’s left us all alone here and gone to the temple.”

“None of the children came to school today. Only me and A. did. Even the teacher was sitting in the next room and meditating.”


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    • baby param, 3, possessing a streak of RAGE. i don’t know abi … i thought we’d passed on such satvik genes.

      i am sure that will make you prefix “very” before the proud.

  1. With a mother who spins yarns about Meesai Murali, what did you expect!!:))
    My kids have tried #2 with their grandparents several times, it has always gotten them the requisite sympathy they were aiming for, and me into trouble!

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