the guest will arrive in four minutes


the mmmim sits firstborn in the loo. and pops firstborn’s shorts inside the bathroom.

the hall is tidied.
we are all decent. looking like a v. normal family.

baby param’s opening words to the guest: ” my brother is in the கக்கூஸ்


polite society, you can knock again tomorrow, we’ll try to do better.


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  1. Long time reader, absolutely had to delurk after reading this one! Finally understood what ‘laughing till I cry’ means! And that includes not just me, but my sis, mum and my said K- word loving dad! 🙂

  2. Married to a Tamilian and picked up Tamil over time. Do not know to read yet, but can perfectly understand.

    Can somebody type out (not translate) the punch word from FB in English here for me please? Don’t want to miss out the laughs 😀

  3. Been a lurker for a looong time……Absolutely love the way you write….Your posts always either bring a smile or crack me up 🙂

  4. the word is derived from the dutch word, “kakhuis” which means toilet.

    baby param, apart from his other awesomeness(es), also knows Dutch.

    a (very) proud aunt.

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