no use crying over spilt milk…


total disagree.

after baby param spilt his morningglassful,

i cried a buckets worth — wept at the nuanced cleaning there lay ahead of me — milk on the floor, chair, table, dupatta, etc etc….

ah! the merits of self-pity and wallowing in it…
the clean-up was really easy.


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  1. thank you rahmath…

    i’ve been working on the “honesty” policy in my offline life too…

    somehow ppl dont love me a lot for that, there…:-P

  2. I used to buy loose milk for making dahi from the milkman. My elder one who was 4 then always ask for carrying it to the kitchen which I always refuse. One day I let him carry 1 litre milk in a vessel to the kitchen. You are right. That’s what happened. 1 litre of creamy milk on floor. Mmopping,washing cycle coninued for more than an hour and walking up and down made the entire house messy even after cleaning.

    • i’ve done that too… spilt a whole litre… and once i missed a spot and it smelt like dried-vomit the next day

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