my project for firstborn’s class…


the art was firstborn’s and so was the colouring and so was the lettering; and the rude sighs he made about surviving motherhood were all his

but the idea was mine mine mine.

i bought the stickers, I bought the paper, I bought the colour pencils, and I said let’s pretend Santa comes to your classroom…

firstborn looked at me with the thought bubble up over his forehead that read: ” ma. idea REJECTED”.

he goes along because I said “you can stick all these stickers…”

after three hours … and trying to figure out how to spell his classmate’s Jagadiswar’s name (it’s Jagatheeswar)

firstborn: “Where’s the greeting card in this? Teacher said we have to make greeting cards.”

so he makes another card.. this child is poster child for cliche.

he draws a christmas tree and a bell and writes Merry X mas in green and red, and hands it over to the teacher.

p.s. he handed this one too… but he waited till the very last date of submission.
p.p.s the girl radhika thought firstborn drew her fat


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  1. Aha! what a super lovely idea..can it be borrowed or are you patenting it..?

    Only so many children in his class..awesome πŸ™‚

    He made another card as well…Wow! super enthu eh?

    I loved the way he had drawn every child differently in one way or the other…you have an artist MiM…total artist πŸ˜‰

  2. I liked the cotton snowfall and the wonderful effort he has put in drawing every classmate to the best of his imagination…very well executed idea πŸ˜€

  3. I love Santa, very true to life. Wonderful job, FB. And kudos to you too. Great idea!! Radhika’s parents and Radhika need body image counseling lessons πŸ˜›

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