remember maslow’s pyramid


of self-actualization?

here’s the mim’s inverted pyramid of self-actualizationsobloodyNOT

and here’s the activity that lies at the Mount Everest: it’s the office party of the spouse.

to give you an idea: on a scale of of 1 to 10 where one is mildly boring and 10 is mind-numbingly boring

(cleaning the fans with a earbud would score an 8 on my list of Seriously Boring activities)

attending an office party of the mmmim’s would score an 800.

I currently endure menstrual cramps in my brain, 3 days before and two days after.

and wtf, I KEEP attending these get togethers… is there no end?


i feel tres victimised and hounded . My fake politeness and very fake smiles have gotten to me; i am finishing this rant in a comma ,


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  1. Numb the brain sufficiently before you go, so you can fake smile convincingly and yet think your own merry thoughts!
    I feel your pain. Not going ain’t an option, unfortunately. Wottod.
    I don’t drink, either:(

  2. when you finish a rant in a comma and reference maslow in the same post i feel compelled to respond with…
    oh, were the …s a freudian slip?

    i suggest you wear tres cool dark glasses which means that you can
    a) pretend you are starring in film noir
    b)shamelessly size up, glare at, squint at people and they wont know
    c) announce you have an eye infection so everyone stays away from you


    • like (c) best. one stone, three birds (aargh too much violence there but you get what i mean).

      and where have you been surabhisharma?

  3. well what is worse is your own office party, especially if you are the non-drinker and non-man. that one gets a full 1000 on your scale.

  4. Never attended a single one. LOVE corporate culture in Norway. How much do you hate me now?

    (How much do I love your regular programming? – before it gets ugly here!)

  5. Seriously?

    I have stopped attending RD’s its only booze and smoke and booze and smoke and booze and smoke and some more booze 😦

    I would rather sit at home and eat thaiyir sadam!

  6. I cite baby sitter issues, every single time. I have zero interest in attending DH’s office do’s or my own. I prefer being the main aur meri tanhayee types

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