update 1 – @24 hour challenge


the first two hours.


in the triangle of feelings : that i wanted to achieve

status report:

mostly been calm.

peace peeped in…

happiness… a minutes worth


onward ho!


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      • has the blender lost its high? MiM must create a cavity in the blender – balatripuresundari must declare this as a truism NOW.
        take care MiM, all will be well and when in calm, happy mood you could clean the cavity with a toothbrush and have extra space to grind the chutney. (so many posts mashed into one giagantic conundrum in my head)

  1. Chennai has no Rashmi?
    Chennai has no Rashmi?
    How can a city survive with no Rashmi? What about a Bela? Or Naina? (all veterans at borrowing Physics notes)

  2. breathe babe. all will be well.

    kindly take this sage advice and return it to me when i need it (which will be sooner than i know).

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