things on my mind


down down down with flu, bodyache and related noseblocks.

firstborn pressed my feet (on his own volition).

firstborn fetched a blanket (after my prodding)

and I say: “firstborn. I couldn’t sleep all of last night because of my stuffy nose. My head is hurting. I’m going to try to take a short nap.. “

i’m tossing

I’m turning…


evasive sleep

sleep finally comes…

i feel rested

5 minutes into shut-eye land,

and  firstborn fetches the ganjira and sits on the top of the bed and sings “jingle bells” on top of his voice and claps the ganjira to the beat.




14 responses »

  1. Oh-oh get well soon.

    Mey be he got inspiration from (From Thillana Mohanambal, delivered in Vaithi style) ‘Raja uranga porar, yellarum suthi ninnu vaasingo!’

  2. Ha! Ha! Get well soon. But really did you expect anything else? Reminds me of the time my son kept waking me up to reassure me he wasn’t making any noise..

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