a letter to a bride-to-be…


Dear A!

I wanted to write lovely words of congratulations in the guestbook on your weddingwebsite,

i kept for looking for quotes to put in, some from my favourite authors or some from the www… and i STILL havent found what i am looking for…

and OH, my goodness the wedding is SO CLOSE!! ( Which i just know is going to be the dream wedding … Please extend my greetings and congratulations to the groom and his family)

So I am settling for what i want to say in my own words…and i dont think your guestbook can accomodate my blah blah ( and i can really go on …:-)

 I saw you first on the day of my engagement, and i remember marvelling at what a wise head you had (even on such terribly young schoolgirl shoulders)… ahem!
so why should I even give you any advice, when you are poised to take on marriage and life as a mrs…? \

Exactly! I won’t.

I think these three things are the valuable truths i’ve learned being married to your maama and these are cardinal virtues i’d like to share with you as keywords in a life and marriage:

viz 1. eat (and your side of the family doesnt need MY rhetoric on the eat dictum…from your grandma, mum and aunts–> i’ve learned to relish and savour food and what an enjoyable lesson this one has been:-)),
2. pray (because, as the Bible says “And all things whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive”)
3. love (marriage opens the doors — not just that one special person to love and cherish– but to a new surprisingly vast familytree full of lovely people to open our hearts to. ( i remember one such bespectacled girl from sep 5, 2003;-)
Warmest wishes and a bridal hug to you,

your maami:-)


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  1. Yes life can be simple – eat, pray, love 🙂

    (She may also need to chase the gaswala for the nth time, call the plumber, break her head with the electrician, and school application forms – let’s not even go there).
    But, this is not the time to tell her all this 😉

    • 🙂 hey revs… you 20 somethings are all so clued in…

      totally BET that you can do all that chox listed:
      chase the plumber, call the gas man etc

      you should write a letter to me, actually:-)

    • era: thank you. v. looked forward wedding this one,
      luckily for me, there’s another lovely niece getting married nearer firstborn’s school holidays!

  2. Eat. Yes food should NOT be a weapon. Eat when you are happy. Eat a LOT when he calls up 30 minutes after he says he is in the car driving out of the office “Yara, my colleagues bhi naa…..and now I am stuck at this place “.

    • yep… eat is the most troublesome of the three…

      1 ” can you pack Rasam for six other colleagues”

      2. “erm we HAVE to call Mr. M over for dinner…and he specifically requested idli and vada…”
      (M is the foul-mouthed, lechy, leery old man in this side of asia)

      3. “what? curd rice again for dinner?”

  3. That is the best wedding ‘advice’ I’ve read. Even with no one giving me that advice, I am following part of it – EAT 🙂
    Congratulations to A!

  4. What wonderful words to say to the bride to be…One thing I’d like to add – don’t worry about the number of arguments/fights you have. It leads to better understanding and making up is a lot of fun 🙂 (this is purely from personal experience and not a commentary on the institution of marriage). Congratulations A and groom to be, may every happiness find its way to your doors.

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