a word about me..


when i think of cooking lunch, there isn’t any food on the table.

take today


  •  i thought of making lunch while eating breakfast with my friend V ,  
  • then it’s late morning and i am reading Mr. Mulliner ( but still thinking of making lunch),
  • talking to ma (but still thinking of cooking lunch) ,
  • and since i have been so busy thinking…

i guess i’ll have to serve the boys my sheepish grin today…


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  1. but but, at least you ‘think’ of making lunch..me? I just remember dinner at 8 and we order in..so why not serve the boys some piping hot pizzas ordered in? 🙂

  2. I am the reverse case, I just need to feel like cooking something and there I’ll jump into making it despite having the full meal ready. Though motherhood has slowed me down a bit and I do wait a couple of hours (sometimes) but once it’s on my mind, it’ll reach the plate soon 😀

  3. and whats with the 70s dum maro dum header design? something you thought up minutes before the (non) lunch was meant to be served?
    On days when i am thinking of cooking and not actually cooking, khichdi comes to my rescue. comfort food for the child and the her father, they look at me with puppylike devotion and i can erase the guilt with a holier than thou feeling(especially if i remembered to add veggies to the mixed daal mush)

    • the header not nice aa?
      khichdi was the dinner lifesaver… when in thought will turn khichdi wards…
      you dont have ppl muttering about chutney as a requisite sidedish?

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