i’ve lost many kgs this year…


but  howcome these other babes (who have also lost many kgs this year) are being called high-cheek boned, slim, slender, willowy 

and i am getting…

சுவரில் அடிச்ச பல்லி (TRANSLATIONS WILL strictly NOT BE PROVIDED)


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  1. a lizard on the wall? LOL.. thanks Neelum for the translation..
    I don’t mind being one.. share the tips pls.. i desperately need to lose 20 kgs or risk losing my job to fatigue 😦

  2. Errr…I used google translator…I cant read Tamizh..if that had not worked, I would have sent it to Amma Appa, thankfully I didnt 🙂

    Errr…can you share tips for weight loss??? *Looks hopeful*

  3. I used the the Google translator for I didn’t even know what language it was 😥
    Now that I know, I too am waiting for weight loss tips for my age seems to be coinciding with the extra kilos I am carrying 😥 😥

  4. Neenga vera. A palli is better than a panni, no? (I got called a panni- kutti. No, I don’t look like one. Yes, my uncle thought it was adorable. Hmmph.)
    So yes, you were saying multiple kgs weight loss? Eppadi? Please tell me it involves vadais and bucket-la sambar (and the occassional sakkara pongal).

  5. Yaane kutti, poonai kutti oda shevathila adichha palli evalavo mel, alas nobody’s saying such things to me. Lucky you MiM, enna pannel, engalukkum sollavum

  6. how about “kannum ellam otti sagikalai”? I have heard that too when in the past i have lost a few pounds 😦 Now if only we could choose the areas of weight loss….

  7. Let’s just switch places…shall we? Apparam kutti yaanai-nu comment pannadha blog panna koodathu 😛

    Out with the secret I say

    ….hmm…ok..I’ll plead 🙂

    • three things that i did were
      1. eagle eye on sugar intake
      2. total fasting (except for 3 glassfulls of orange juice ) — twice a month
      3. switch from white rice to parboiled rice…

  8. Chox, let me translate

    “A lizard that has been thrown on a wall”

    Imagine a slender, nimble thing that has been thrown on a wall and lifeless.

    MiM, I get that a lot. Since the MIL lives with me, she takes it as a personal insult. Right now her prayers are, ‘By the time my older one gets married, I must look like the said child’s mother and not the other way around’. My child is 7 right now, BTW.

    • you may pls exit this conversation NOW.
      i saw your photo on the utbtkids link on fb, and

      since you lookef filmstar gorgeous

      i havent added you as a friend

    • err.. i know – is in the comments above, was trying to sound all hurt. etc. err.. sorry for the botched up non-attempt

    • he he MiM, i met utbtkids aka booknmore aka glamgirlbharatanatyamdancertypes, yesterday, she is prettier than the FB picture.

  9. Wow!! you make it sound so easy to lose weight …I have been gymming regularly for 1.5 yrs, have not lost more than 2-3 lbs…please let me know if there is anymore than the 3 steps ….

  10. gymming for a fact doesnt help.
    when i gymmed i was at my fattest.
    when i treadmilled everyday i was ms. flab.

    you can try fasting regularly… on orange juice (no fruits only juices)
    as often as once a week?

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