we are in a decidedly peculiar situation: our kids are attending three schools in two countries.

come august i have to leave my beloved beloved KL…

Who am i, if i am not the maid in malaysia?



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  1. Leaving KL and going where? It will be a time for new adventures, new beginnings and lots more fun. What’s in a name, MiM? You will be a phenomenal blogger with an unbeaten sense of humor, no matter what you call yourself. Good luck and here’s to great adventures.

    • thank you meera… but it’s the c-word (ch*****) it’s my hometown and all that but i’ve been living away for eight years almost(four in KL and four beautiful years in BLore)

      • You can be there for the music season. Isn’t that reward enough? Imagine being able to go to all concerts and not having to fly in for it. Also, access to free baby sitting if your family lives there. See the positives MiM, it’s the only way to survive moving. I speak from experience, having changed 11 schools and 25 homes in my lifetime 🙂

          • Should I send you my family’s contact details? You can happily drop off fb and baby param at my relatives’ (distantly related to me by way of marriage) if you like

            • now they’ll say they are VERYvery very distantly related:-) now…Remember the story my grandpa used to tell…
              there was an earthquake in california and the parents sent their kids to the gparents in new york with the telegram ” Earthquake. sending children”

              the g.parents next week sent this telegram to the parents:”returning the children. send the earthquake”

              • Hadn’t heard that story before :), the advantage of being distantly related, they don’t have my updated contact details. Jokes aside, it is your hometown. You will fall into familiar rhythms soon. Plus, you have us all to lend a patient ear when you feel like yelling and screaming. It will be fine MiM, I promise, it will be fine.

  2. Under the maid-in-malaysia is a made-in-india spirit that will have you adapting and flourishing wherever you go. And we are here to lend an ear if you feel like throwing a tantrum 🙂

    • thanks tpl! you are part of the depleting breed that signs up for a tantrum… and the mmmim knows, i can be as 2.5 year old as they come, tantrumwise

  3. UTBT (who v. sweetly mailed this comment because the blog is nt letting her commetn) : \’Made\’ in Malaysia, perhaps, if you think Malaysia had a huge hand in shaping who you are now.

    @UTBT: thank you… somehow that clinches it.
    this blog was made in malaysia, baby param was born in a hospital made in malaysia, fb went to his first school that was made in malaysia, i drank litres of strawberry shakes made in malaysia, i fitted into a swimcostume made in malaysia, i watched two years worth of beautiful sunrises that were made inmalaysia…
    yep, if i cannot be maid in malaysia, then i’ll always be made in malaysia:-)thank you utbt.

  4. It’s been a while since I checked your blog – RTI huh? You’ll be fine, and can post about all the concerts you’re attending! Good luck!

    • yep… have missed you around here, M. was thinking of sending you an email… and voila here you are.
      thanks for the vote of conf.

  5. I am glad I read the comments first. Art and Shruti made my comment redundant 😦 NOw couldn’t you have moved in June. I could have atleast met you 🙂 Now I have to wait 2 years before my next trip…hmpfff!

    • hey, i’ve already met the last 1/3 of the sands trio… we went to college together…
      we can all meet then?

  6. I did come to know about that connection from the last 1/3 🙂 Well then you can meet the middle 2/3 in 2 years hopefully 😉

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