why I love you today, my KL


is because i can switch on the TV for my sons: and there’s only ONE channel they can watch, and it has only benign and harmless programming, which is repetitive (in the long run) that they want to switch it off.
there isn’t a single advert…

note to MIMself who will live in chennai: DO NOT BUY A TV. (i CAN CAN CAN AND WILL WILL WILL win the argument with spouse.)


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  1. MiM, we have survived four years of a TV-free existence in India. I don’t miss it at all since I watch movies on my laptop if I absolutely have to (I have started reading more.) Spouse watches sports with friends at their house (no party mess for me to clean up!); kids watch episodes on youtube or hop over to their atthai’s house next door to watch Masterchef with their cousins (note – reading more doesn’t figure on their agenda).

    Unfortunately, this TV-free life is soon coming to an end since we’re moving to a place with no atthai next door and no friends in the vicinity. And I will sorely miss the quiet and calmness of a TV-free household.

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