slowly, slowly, slowly…


(more KL love)

at the fag end of this stint, I see that several things around me worked slowly. my gas stove takes three times longer than a regular stove to boil milk…

my pressure cooker requires close supervision and boils dal after 19 whistles…

baby param sits on the potty after his school van reaches our apartment… and the van driver doesn’t mind

the queue at the Jusco sale moves leisurely and the only person who said pshaw was me…

no one could repair our fans… three electricians gave up. we have brand new ceilings fans with remotes, which don’t work; we get by with a stand-fan that works, but a little slowly

the paediatrician’s queue moves slowly and she apologises for keeping us waiting. and at the end of the consultation she asks baby param what sticker he wants and patiently waits until a 3-year-old makes up his mind between a ferrari or a ben10.

my handsurgeon’s nurse (when I chopped off the tip of my finger) removed the bandages every week, slowly, gently, kindly

on some afternoons it begins to rain slowly, beautifully, slowly


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  1. aaaw.
    few ppl notice these things.
    i started noticing after i moved to pune.
    i now wake up to the cacophony of birds each morning, instead of vehicles honking.
    i didnt get a cable connection after moving.
    i now get to see the sun set over the hills. and try to make it home in time for that.
    i no longer get frust in an hour of traffic. 30 min commute to work. 30 min commute to the most amazing waterfalls and hills.
    i feel your pain.
    now that I know life this way, i cant imagine wanting it any other way.

    • “now that i know life this way, i cant imagine wanting it any other way” … a kindred spirit, then.. what would you do if you HAD to move.

  2. It rains in Chennai, or have you forgotten the rains during Diwali? I’m no fan of Chennai but let me list the things I love about the city. Molagha bajji at Marina, Higgin Bothams, Nanganallur Hanumar kovil, Kausalya Supraja Rama that is de rigueur in most households, filter kafi, Saravanas… not a fan of Carnatic music, but knowing you – the music season, aavakai in summers, making vadam during agni natchathiram…..

      • MiM, think of all the fodder you will find for your posts. These pages will be colored by an entirely new set of characters and you can come up with new acronyms – maybe a zzyiz or some such. Breathe MiM and email me your contact details. Every time you feel like the jungle’s overwhelming, I promise to call and talk you down.

  3. It is the small things that make you feel sad – I moved 8 months back and there are times when I am filled with an intense longing for the old comforts of life in Houston. I miss Houston’s thunderstorms the most – strange when it rains so much in Singapore

  4. and when i am stuck in a mammoth traffic jam i count the dents and scratches on the vehicle closest to me. nothing poetic about it but keeps me from jumping out and lunging at the first human i see and saying, we could be counting the raindrops collecting at the edge of the window rail, instead we are all here, at exactly the same time, far away from any sanity.

    but we chose our cities, just like they chose us. And its heartbreaking to leave behind our cities.

  5. This was how I felt when I left London after 8 years there. I think the pla e where your babies grow always remain special.
    But know what, if I had to leave Bangalore now, I’d certainly feel the same about it, dEspite the madness here.

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