where did you learn that word?


the “bugger” word was being thrown around between the kids.

and we were ready to raise ourselves to bilkul shudh ISI mark desi-parent heights,

but peace returned when firstborn told us what bugger really meant: “it’s two slices of bun stuffed with a non-veggie filling and some salad-y stuff..”



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    • we are a strictly dosa, idli saravanabhavan family… none of us has eaten burgers…
      and i really dont know if KL has aloo filling burgers,

      that’s why i was v. surprised to find fb knows what a burger is..

  1. The last time i uttered an expletive and my child asked, what is bas…d, i said gulp, and then gave her a lecture on the Great Indian Bustard and how it was on the verge of extinction. I covered my .ss but sh.t, i dont want my child using bad .ss language1

  2. The children haven’t eaten one single burger?!!! *respect*
    But when you move to Chennai, all this is going to change. You know that right?
    You can be a Chennai-ite in KL, but not in Chennai!

  3. I had a hard time explaining to DD what f&%$ is. Two of her friends very kindly taught her the word. I had no idea where to look. All I managed to do was say, it was a bad word and move on…. I wish I had been able to convert it to a harmless word. I want to borrow FB and baby Param, can I?

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