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I have issues with the” why women still can’t have it all…”

why is being a professional such a big deal…? why is being a woman of power being touted as the next best thing? Exactly what work does Hillary Clinton do, can someone explain to me…

For me, the woman of power has time in her hands; time that she spends in public service in the true sense… and it means in my definition: “where you help someone without thinking what is in it for you… ”

someone who has kind eyes and kind words and a kind attitude to human beings…

Really Anne-Marie Slaughter, you should just relax… and stop shooting off 10,000 worded articles, without exhaling.


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  1. hmmm, I really didnot understand what the lady was trying to say and it felt like nonsense to me ,to be frank. Maybe my brain is not developed enough to understand. May be the title put me off . What i cant understand is why is it a big deal that women should have it all. Do men have it all???? No na. But we don’t see such articles. Why is it that a woman should have a excellent professional life to have it all????? My sister is a housewife and beleive me she has it all.’ I am a working woman and i consider myself having it all too.

    I havenot read the complete article. Couldnt. So if my ranting was prejudiced, please forgive me. Sorry for the rant.

  2. Exactly!!! I love your writing, witty yet gets the point right across. Not much of a writer myself, which is why I lurk more often than I comment. All the Best on your move to Chennai.

  3. You “hit the nail on the head” with just a few words. Good luck with your move to Chennai. Hope you will keep doing the bullet point posts.

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