Monthly Archives: August 2012

chhota bheem


i have to press the dislike button for those comics

terribly boring: check
cliche ridden : check

and a book i flipped through has the one word that my english teacher told us NEVER EVER TO USE, BECAUSE THE WORD DOESNT #%$%%$ EXIST: which is “wantedly”.

fresh coordinates


chennai city.


we are living on

borrowed gas

borrowed curtains

semi furnishing

borrowed car

a firstborn who has learned to tie laces

very thin walls (egad) and neighbours who can hear…

a general weighty expectation that a kolam has to appear on my doorstep every morning

baby param who turned four today and got an amazing hand-painted t-shirt by a friend i made

figuring out a school car pool

mosquitoes that are bigger than baby param

a library membership yay!

family gossip: my mum is following only one person on twitter: jaspal bhatti

the mmmim is thrilled to live here… he would hug every mosquito if he could

a lemon tree in my backyard. come to think of it… life just handed me lemons.

no newspaper, no internet, no tv… but horribly i have a handphone.

we are zero on outdoor. where do the kids run?


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