fresh coordinates


chennai city.


we are living on

borrowed gas

borrowed curtains

semi furnishing

borrowed car

a firstborn who has learned to tie laces

very thin walls (egad) and neighbours who can hear…

a general weighty expectation that a kolam has to appear on my doorstep every morning

baby param who turned four today and got an amazing hand-painted t-shirt by a friend i made

figuring out a school car pool

mosquitoes that are bigger than baby param

a library membership yay!

family gossip: my mum is following only one person on twitter: jaspal bhatti

the mmmim is thrilled to live here… he would hug every mosquito if he could

a lemon tree in my backyard. come to think of it… life just handed me lemons.

no newspaper, no internet, no tv… but horribly i have a handphone.

we are zero on outdoor. where do the kids run?


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  1. Stick a readymade kolam outside your house and ask the neighbors to take a hike. Take the kids to Marina, lots of room to run and first class milaghai bajji. Odomos for mosquitoes. Happy Happy to Baby Param…

    I wish for you no mosquitoes, all your own things, nicer neighbors and fantastic lemonade recipes.

    • i am doing kolams on top of readymade kolams (that’s how much pressure we are facing), and getting ready to google kolam recipes… simple stuff that looks elaborate sigh!

      • MiM, take a stand for all of us Tam Brahm women who don’t do kolams. Ask the neighbors to satisfy themselves with the readymade kolam. If they want a hand drawn kolam outside your house, ask them to kindly do the needful. DO NOT MAKE KOLAMS, please. You have blogs to write and payasams to make – all a better use of your time.

  2. welcome welcome! let me know if you need help with the ration card/cylinder thing. baby p and fb are heartily welcomed(you also) to kanchipuram. i can play with the boys while you can go to temples and all that.(he he. i want to meet you)

    • thanks thanks. yes yes. i asked the mmim whether i could ask a blogfriend for help on the ration card/cylinder thing and he said “NO” . So I now know which way to swing … I need your help:-)

      But the thing is how do we arrange this without us meeting (or talking) because I veto both?

      What are you doing in Kanchipuram?

  3. Welcome to Chennai MiM 🙂 feels a bit strange to welcome someone to a city i’ve been in only for a couple of months myself.

    i hear u on the mosquito and no space for the kids to play.
    and i also swear by my mosquito net and odomos these days.

    a suggestion for a library for the kids…….i subscribe…they’re good.

    i dont do the kolams..despite the pointed looks at the ‘bare’ floor in front of my front door. but then i’m not a tambram and i do have a hide as thick as a hippo’s 🙂

    • thank you madhu! I’ve schooled and colleged and worked here…! been out eight years and everything seems new.
      thanks for the library link… tempting

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