chhota bheem


i have to press the dislike button for those comics

terribly boring: check
cliche ridden : check

and a book i flipped through has the one word that my english teacher told us NEVER EVER TO USE, BECAUSE THE WORD DOESNT #%$%%$ EXIST: which is “wantedly”.


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  1. I agree to Chox…I saw the TV version the other day with was really weird…I mean here is a bheem I read in C. Rajagopalchari’s Mahabharat..and look what they turned him to 😦

    No…wantedly is NOT A word…I thought it was 🙂

    • You have wantedly been hiding all this while, haven’t you? And chota Bheem is now a comic?? I thought the TV version was inspired by a comic. What a vicious circle this is!!

      • and it’s causing us agony… firstborn was caught blabbering kirmada, bheem, shaitan etc and other rubbish last night, while dreaming. the mmim has officially banned reading for firstborn

        • Reading as in all reading or reading Chota Bheem alone? Did you know there’s a movie version of this atrocity. I would like to know what you and mmim think of that. 😛 FB might pick up some interesting vocabulary too, namely wantedly, prepone etc.

  2. so far as i’ve heard…its a direct replacement for the hindi ‘jaan boojh ke’…

    as in…’she knows we have guests for the next 3 days…wantedly she didnt come’
    no..this has nothing to do with my maid situation.

    yeah right

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