happy to note


that it still feels like I live in KL …

my laptop still shows Malaysian Time.

by default google goes to google.com.my

it’s raining and my clothes are dry

the mmmim is still in the office

ma is her general disapproving self on the phone

the mmmim is likely to go to the office on saturday

I found lurpak butter

the mmmim is likely to go to the office on sunday

I found figs, prunes and dates

there’s a neighbour’s kid who bosses over me

i buy idhayam nallennai in plastic bottles

I dont buy today’s paper

there’s a krishna sweets dubba in the fridge


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    • amongst other things there’s a2b’s idlis, grandsweets thattais, LN koil’s sakkarai pongal… food festival is everyday

      • Now you’re just being mean. When you say these things please remember I live in a dinky little town in the US and the only way I can get a hold of thattais or mysore pak is to make it myself or fly to India :'(. The former’s not an option since my bakshanam turns out atrociously, the latter option’s expensive and possible only once a year, if that – more 😥

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