democratic giantess


there’s a billboard for the chief minister that terms her that.

omg. if i were the cm, i’d hunt that person down and give him three months without the option. that’ll teach him, i tell ya.

went to the lalit kala akademi with the boys.

firstborn was keen to shake hands with the sun god. and the boys peered and peered at the madhubani section, mainly because there was an artist at work.

tailpiece: I bought a palm leaf art bookmark for firstborn.
At home, he read the mahabharata, used the bookmark, came back to his page after a break … and happily told me: “ma! the bookmark is working well…”

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    • egad. it’s terrible in aangilam and you want a translation? these are the very words that were on the billboard, my masala has not been added.

  1. Democratic giantess?! LOL!

    And looks like Bookmark has made friends with Book. Nice.

    In these parts, Bed regularly waits for child, Bath pines for her, Plate calls out to her. All do their work well.

  2. Now you just need to extend your magic from the book mark to the boy(s) and your motherhood task is set :).
    Chox and you looks like your charms work only on inanimate things. tch! tch!

  3. Are you sure the billboard designer wasn’t making a dig at her size? The “giantess” term suits her well, alright. Does the billboard also have hungry, half clad people cowering before her?

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