mim dictionary


unsafetypinned: go about work. rush. here. there. drive. drop. at 10 pm when you are ready to carefully unpin sari, you realise you’ve only stuck a pin in the darned blouse, the pallu was ever free.

vive la polycotton


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  1. The idea that it was pinned was evidently enough for your pallu to stay in place. So easy it is to hypnotise polycotton into thinking that it is not free, when really freedom is there for the taking… (is my philosophising impressive?) 😉

  2. Ahh, see your pallu stayed in place, mine would have fallen off right in front of self righteous mama maamis, at a temple or thottil ceremony, revealing unmentionables and causing me to not want to show my face in public or some such. You need to teach me how to train the pallu to stay in place.

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