# things that are annoying my family


1. no tv: relatives from both sides have ganged together and are in unison doing the “tut tut tut”, poor mmmim, poor kids, evil mim…(mwhahahaha. let me sharpen my horns on a wall and snort gun powder through my expanding nostrils)


2. fasting: i do a fortnightly water-only 24 hour- fast. when i was in KL it was only my business, no one knew. and now i have no idea how word spread… but i wont be suprised if the isthriwallah, while collefcting his change will say:  ” Madam, pls drink fruit juice…this  fasting is not good for you!’ aaaaaaaaaaaargh!!!!!




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  1. 1. tell them of choxbox – has a TV but remote lies untouched from months. whenever it does get switched on it is to watch the biz channels by the man or some vague hollywood flick by yours truly, after the kids are in bed.

    2. tell them abut ‘paryushan’ (google to get details). it is on this week. my cousin’s wife is on only boiled water from 24 days, will pull it for another 6 days. countless cousins (all when they were <11 years old) have fasted thus for 8 days. 3 days is no big deal. 1 day – hah, every one does it (except yours truly of course – though i did used to do it as a child) – should start again. my 75-year old granny did 'siddhi-tap' – you eat a meal one day, fast completely the next day. this goes on for 13.5 months.
    why do folks do it? makes them feel much healthier. and the cousin's wife mentioned above. she is fine – just spoke to her yesterday on phone.

    • cousin’s wife must be on a high spiritual energy field. my namaskarams to her all the way from chennai. i love your family, chox.
      your people must be very warm and loving: felt good reading about them all..

  2. 2. ah! Chox just bet me to it…I was just going to tell you about Paryushan. I must admit, I have tried it once and failed miserably 😦 I had to drink something substantial like ‘fruit juice’ before mid day!

    1. No TV is something the spouse cant imagine! I can live without it though…
    but 1 question – why no TV?

      • My favourite part though is the ‘kshamaapna’ ritual. You give and ask for forgiveness – this includes everyone you have interacted with in the past one year and includes all creatures small and big, and whether the act was intended or otherwise, through thought or deed.

        One can get cynical about this but I have seen many ego issues set aside and reconciliations made between people thanks to this ritual.

        • I’m a big fan of paryushan and Micchami dukkadam. Cannot do it though. I had 7 – 8 year old friends that did it successfully and had no lasting ill effects.. So yay for fasting. I did a 3 day juice fast and after the first day. my system actually thanked me. 🙂

          • absolutely meera. the power of the mind is amazing. if you stay away from food voluntarily, hunger weirdly does not bother you much.

            • the first few hours are difficult… because you seem to have SO MUCH TIME: no cooking for self, no planning, thinking about eating, thinking if one is full enough or should one eat that mysore pa.. etc
              and then life flows merrily,
              i did three day juice fasts too… at day 3, i didnt even feel i needed juice.
              fasting is fun

        • chox… what a beautiful and uncomplicated solution to the complex messes we make. and how infinitely liberating. there should be a “kshamaaapna” ritual, for every week…

      • @Chox: I dont know..that spouse cant imagine a household without a TV! not that he watches too much of it..none on week days and about 2 hours in weekends, (unless Man U is playing, which is anyways after 12 in the night so am fine with that!) but he has a strange addiction to it! weird na!

        and honestly, I am yet to see a household without TV!!! thats again weird..except I know Starry (of starsinmyeyes fame) doesnt have a TV from her blog 🙂

        • yes R’s mom, a TV-less household is pretty rare. a bit like a person who is not on FB these days (which was me till a few months back btw).

          TV simply does not feature in our scheme of things and therefore we do not miss it all.
          for the record, my folks-in-law and my folks love certain programs. my dad will watch every cricket ball that is bowled never mind if it is day or night.
          it is interesting when they come over, especially when all four come together – then they gang up on me! they all know of my love (or rather the lack of it) for TV but we live and let live!

        • that’s most people’s argument for TV…

          they say “what’s a household without TV?”

          starry! consider this a shoutout for you to comeback!!!

    • i think tv in chennai is way too messy and complicated. too many ads, too many dumb ads, too much irrelevant programming, too much bs, etc etc

      and I am currently trying to simplify…

  3. We have a big ass TV.
    We did not have cable for the first 8 months.

    Interpretation by all knowing people =>’Yaani vangiyachu, angusam vaanga yivalavu alattal’.
    Suggestions by all knowing people =>You must get HD dish, that way you can show National Geo, Discovery, Travel channel and make your children intelligent.
    Comments from family=> Your house is boring, we come all the way from Chennai and there is nothing entertaining.
    Comments from ignorant people=> Your children don’t even know advertisements songs?!
    Reaction from one husband=> I am bored, there is NOTHING to do. I am bored. I will get cable and watch my tennis and cricket.

    So now we have DISH connection.
    But children do not watch TV. I watch Mentalist for an hr after the children are asleep. Husband DVRs his tennis and Cricket.

    But this addiction to TV, it being considered as a must in every one’s life, taking it for granted that TV has to be on 24×7 is getting on my nerves.

    • i love your comment, utbt!
      shouted with laughter at the yaanai bit!!
      my mum tells me to get cable DAILY! she MUST be getting commission from tatasky

  4. haha! the number of times we have been told “but you get cable connection for just Rs.300 a month!” to ofcourse tuttuting and saying “Poor kids of yours!” . We have a TV and loads of DVDs. there are days when we vegetate in front of TV for few hours to days when it is never switched on! when parents come for longish time we ask if we could get them a cable connection, but till now thankfully they have refused!

    downside? Cub gets super upset that he cannot fast forward the ads or watch whatever HE likes when he visits the grandies! :p

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