mahavishnu in madras


“…and then Mahavishnu took his chakram from his cupboard, his conch from the bureau, his mace from his box, and wore  his belt and tucked in his knife. he quickly stuck the red round patch on his palm for giving blessings, and sat on Garuda and appeared before Gajendran.”

firstborn tells his highly edited version of to an unsuspecting baby param


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  1. Nice, we have a very organized Mahavishnu, reminds me of the time when DD decided that Bheem should ride a bike to kill Bakasur instead of the maatuvandi laden with food – since the bike was so much more Bheem’s style. We will have interesting movies if DD and FB join hands

  2. So you see details are very important, otherwise Baby P will ask too many questions and the story will not proceed. And this way the story is so easy to visualize.

  3. I agree to AA_Mom, its important to give the kiddo all details, otherwise, its difficult to get the story ahead I tell ya!

    PS – MiM, you have a story teller in the making okie? be proud 🙂

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