the more things change, the more they remain the same


when i was a schoolgirl in chennai,
i cant count the times (esp. before physics tests) that I’ve stopped studying and started yearning deeply for a cyclone …

it wasnt even a yearning it was a primal urge

it wasnt even a primal urge it was a prayer

it wasnt even a prayer it was the tears of a victim pummeled by a physics textbook

cyclone = no show. or do a meaner thing: appear on weekends or public holidays. pshaw.

and look at today’s nilam: back to back holidays from school, and tomorrow looks like a hatrick of days off: and I am yearning, primally urging, praying, still the victim: mum of two boys who play demolition cricket and the owner of a laundry basket that has runneth over.
#Iamnotkiddingyouaboutchennai: @ one golu i had to plaster my spine to the wall and suck in my stomach, if i didnt want to knock a bommai down


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  1. MiM – surely FB’s prayers are being heard by the Almighty. That tells me he’s more devout, spiritual or has a special connection with Mahavishnu. After all, if he knows where Mahavishnu keeps the sudarsnam and the conch, why does it surprise you that FB can get Him to produce cyclones at will?

    What’s with the golu that requires you to look like a supermodel?? I’d decline vetrilai paaku invitations from them next year.

  2. Hope the cyclone has not caused too much damage! and anyways its shows life always comes back in circles na!

    LOL on that Meera says, decline those invitations eh?

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