birthday report


the 80th birthday bash was a lot of fun, i thought

400 guests, a grand tiffin, waking up at 2 am, fitting into my niece’s blouse because mine looked like a shirt
and in the mandapam there was nadaswaram and piping hot kaapi
and everyone who was remotely related to thatha got a duty.
firstborn was at the arrivals counter (smiling at the guests)

my duty was *no vadas for guessing* taking care if the guests were served at the dining hall.

and luckily for me, the food was superlative. about 400 guests beamed at me, looking as content and round as tanjore paintings, thinking I was responsible for the gourmet levels of the food

we zeroed in on the chef . a mr. patappa.
and here’s the bill:
kaapi 200 numbers at rs. 15
tiffin: 350 banana leaves full at Rs. 180
lunch Rs. 200 and 50 leaves
and add to miscellany of tamboolams and pal koya and transport charges, we got a roundish figure of rs 1, followed by plenty of zeroes.

pictures cant capture

the crisp in the rava dosa
the aroma in the pooris
the lemony twang of the sevai
three kinds of chutney and finger lickin pudina thuvaiyal
and chubby servings of pongal, peeping with black peppers
sambar that was delicious even if it was served in a paper cup
and ghee dipped sweet, pumpkin halwa

i think it’s time to wish you all a happy deepavali!


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  1. first time here, but I’ve got to confess, “looking as content and round as tanjore paintings” totally transported me there and left me waiting, palm outstretched, for a second helping of payasam (shh! don’t tell me there was none). Happy 80th to yours!

    • hey! null pointer, what a lovely handle…

      always good to start off a conversation with payasam. and sure hot paal p. was on the menu, for lunch, but that is another story

  2. Ayyo! I am that girl who is on a permanent look- out for superlative Tamil- style breakfasts. Reading about chubby servings of pongal (with the peek-a-boo pepper, no less) is a bad idea, on a monday morning.
    Delightful read, MiM 🙂
    P.S: Vadai – ya pathi onnume ezhudalaiye?

    • we have ppl (mmmim’s side of family) who are jealous of “wadekar” type last names because they have “vade”
      in the appellation,

      so. yes. we did have vadai:-)

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